As I wrapped up the second draft of my sales page for my new upcoming program Launch & Prosper, a bottle of 2005 Saint-Émilion breathing on my desk, waiting to be poured in my favorite crystal glass, it dawned on me that, just 2 years ago, I would never have had the confidence to write my own sales page.

Fast forward to now, and I don’t consider myself a great writer – not by any means – but I do feel pretty confident in my writing and ability to communicate my message.

My writing journey started those 2 years ago when, after asking the question every entrepreneur asks – “What should I focus on to generate revenue in my business?” – my intuition answered unexpectedly, “Learn to write.”

I’m not what they call a clairaudient, so I didn’t actually hear those exact words, but I did receive images… I saw a Mont-Blanc pen, a gorgeous quill and a cozy winter lodge buried deep in the woods equipped with an old typewriter and my own polar bear to watch over me as I wrote a best-selling book. (My intuition has a strange sense of humor.)

Bottom line, the message was clear: Get writing.

My li’l ego mind? Had a FIT. Threw a full blown tantrum and yelled indignantly “WHADDYA MEAN, WRITE? You got MONEY to make! Clients to create! You don’t have TIIIIIIIME to write!!!”

Of course, I ignored that.

Instead, I trusted the inner voice and started on a journey in learning to write.

Next thing I knew, I was taking copywriting and marketing classes and, as part of an intensive course on launching, learned how to write an effective sales page.

Then, I took my writing to next next level as I challenged myself to write every week for 6 months as a guest writer for popular online blogs such as Elephant Journal, My Yoga Online, She Owns It, Bella Life, The Yoga Blog, Om Times Magazine, Owning Pink, Medium and The Yogipreneur.

I wrote and wrote and wrote. I wrote for my own blog and for anyone who would have me.

And guess what happened after a whole year of writing?

Writing and I became friends.

In hindsight, I can see that writing did more for my business than I could have ever imagined. It directly impacted the growth of my revenue, my social media platform, my email list, and the conversion rate of my Facebook ads, and it increased enrollment in my online programs. Writing – which my ego had considered a waste of time – translated into more money in the bank.

Now, I’m not suggesting that writing is the key to success. That’s not why I’m sharing this story.

What I’m pointing to is the fact that, when we follow our inner wisdom and take action on it – even if it doesn’t seem logical in the moment – it ALWAYS ends up making the most sense in the long run.

Some people do this naturally: follow their inner guidance and take action.

Many, however, have a hard time trusting the voice of inner wisdom when it comes to making decisions about their business. Coaches may find it easy to be in their zone of genius when working with clients, but when it comes to actually building a profitable coaching business, they’re totally up in their heads, and nothing seems to work like they had hoped.

This is why, after 4 years of working with clients from around the world, one thing has become crystal clear to me: The key to a thriving successful business rests on one’s capacity to develop one’s entrepreneurial Spirit and then to follow its guidance without ever looking back.

I call this awakening the inner CEO™, and it’s where you harness the unstoppable creative force of the Entrepreneurial Spirit and invite it to play FULL ON in your business. Then, and only then, will everything you’ve ever learned (the formulas, the step-by-steps, the blueprints, the scripts, the trainings, the courses…) be implemented in a way that creates velocity and reaps real, tangible results.

If you’re a lifelong learner and have been accumulating diplomas, trainings, certifications and courses after courses after courses, I’m putting you on an information diet and asking you to PLEASE GET IN THE GAME ALREADY and launch YOUR OWN course or program.

Launch your website, your business, your product, a new service!

Clarity comes from engagement, so, for the love of Goddess, ENGAGE already.

This is why I created Launch & Prosper: to get you started on the path of profitable entrepreneurship  – to get you where you say can proudly, out loud, “I HAVE A REAL MONEY-MAKING BUSINESS!!!!”

Launch & Prosper is a fresh, contemporary approach to business growth that blends the understanding of state of mind (a.k.a. The Three Principles) and a simple, elegant launching process that will enable you to build momentum in your business or project.

This program puts an end to the eternal “Where do I even start? There’s so much to do?” overwhelm or the “What do I even focus on, for crying out loud?” and “Why is it that SHE can have a 6- or 7-figure business, but I can’t seem to figure it out?” conundrum.

Launch & Prosper is designed for coaches, consultants, creatives, healers, service or product-based entrepreneurs who want to bring their brilliant ideas into the world of form. This program is for the action-takers that want to explore the inside-out creative process, learn how to tap into their intuition on an even deeper level AND be FULLY ENGAGED in creating a thriving business.

Your invitation…

I’m currently seeking 5 entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, teachers, healers, creatives, service-based or product-based) to join the beta version of Launch & Prosper.

Launch & Prosper includes 6 to 12 months of one-on-one coaching + a mastermind group.

Caroline, XO


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A week after my session I went on to LA to film a big t.v. show & thanks to the intuitive coaching I felt confident, ease & grace throughout!!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me and the world. — Anastassia Grace, TV personality & Psychic medium

My biggest breakthrough during the intuitive session was about The Inside Out Principle (The 3 Principles) and feeling what I truly desire.
I’m now beginning to see which parts of myself aren’t congruent. I’m leaning more into what makes me happy in my business and personal life. — Claire Chew, Transforming Loss Alchemist