Hey, friend,

Do you ever feel like, if you’re going to go for your BIG goals — or even make it through your week with all-of-the-things on your to-do list that something needs to change?

That how you work, how you show up as a CEO and how you think about your business needs to change?

A call to uplevel is an invitation to rethink, reorganize and make space. Space for what matters. Space to play in your zone of genius more of the time. Space to create products and services that generate revenue.

Space for spaciousness.

As business owners, we constantly have to re-evaluate whether our systems are working, whether our efforts are paying off, whether we’re spending our precious time on the right tasks and whether we could be doing things differently to reach our goals.

Because the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, right?

Anyway, that was me this morning (at 5am, I might add) looking at a long list of tasks that need to be done or, more accurately, delegated. Looking at what’s long overdue for a makeover in my business.


*We’re hiring!

We’re looking to hire a gem to add to our team…


Most specifically, a dedicated, passionate, self-motivated, strategic-thinking, detail-oriented kickass virtual assistant.

This virtual boss babe will primarily:

  • Be in charge of client care, so she must be excellent at written communications
  • Take care of tasks on the back end of our WordPress websites as well as updating new podcasts on Libsyn
  • Add content to landing pages integrated with Mailchimp or Clickfunnels
  • Implement specific social media strategies during launch periods
  • Help design funnels in Clickfunnels
  • Knowledge of WordPress (Divi Elegant theme), Clickfunnels and Mailchimp is key.
  • And more…because business growth = lots of opportunity to grow within our company

This virtual powerhouse is also open to spontaneous outbursts of dance and laughter.

To apply go to the contact section and send your resumé.


At carolinefrenette.com we are looking to collaborate with other personal brands (photographers, branding experts, graphic designers, social media experts, podcasters, coaches who are offering services complementary to mine… *brands that would benefit from MY expertise which is Transformative Coaching & Online Business Consulting) so that we can support and grow our audience.

This position is the right fit for you if:

  • You’ve done this kind of projects before
  • You have fresh and effective ideas for fun collaborations
  • You have impeccable writing skills (your written communication is TOP NOTCH and you know how to craft an EFFECTIVE pitch)
  • You are a natural people connector and you LIGHT UP when you bring the right women together so they can have a bigger (and of course positive) impact on the world
  • This kind of work is your passion and you thrive supporting women entrepreneurs that want to grow their business
  • You have a solid understanding of how to create and execute a social strategy
  • You love to create social media graphics and imagery
  • You love to create and run contests and giveaways
  • You take pride in your work and don’t do things half ass
  • You love to take initiative and proposer innovative ideas
  • You’re a born GO GETTER who loves to get things done (and done well)

To apply go to the contact section and send your resumé.

We are also looking for:

Launch strategist (yes, I do need help in my launches to!)
Web developper
Graphic Designer
Branding expert
Infusionsoft specialist
Mailchimp specialist
FB ads strategist
Clickfunnels expert
DilogR expert
Conversion copywriter

Working in the retail industry with a constantly evolving and growing team has taught me to ask within my community first. Because what’s better than a trusted referral, right?

So, if you know anyone who offers virtual assistant services and matches the description above, send them this post, will you?

Hugs and many thanks,


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