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About Caroline Frenette

I help heart-centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs get their work out into the world in a big way.

Hi, I’m Caroline, and, in the last 8 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them launch brand new businesses (or revamp “old” ones), transformative books, online courses, beautiful websites, and create their own trademarked processes so they could stand out in the market.

I’ve helped consultants transition from an in-person (hourly rate) model to a freedom-based (online) business — and drastically increase their revenue in the process and clients transition from unfulfilling corporate jobs and start their own highly profitable, flourishing businesses.

I’ve helped coaches wake up their inner CEO™ and become unstoppable entrepreneurs with thriving coaching practices.


I’ve coached stay-at-home moms with no prior business experience and helped them build multi-million dollar businesses, launch best-selling books and create their own trademarked process.

Caroline Frenette Intuitive Business coach


♛ Learned to market and sell in a way that feels authentic, creative and fun

♛ Increased their visibility + impact within their community

♛ Become sought-out leaders in their industry

♛ Let go of fears that had previously held them back

♛ Transformed into creative powerhouses where ideas abound and are quickly turned into profitable ventures

♛ Created nurturing & fruitful partnerships, enabling them to leverage their time, expertise, and efforts

All without the usual stress, burnout, anxiety, and overwhelm we usually associate with starting a new business venture or taking a successful business to the next level.

My entrepreneurial journey

Prior to having an online coaching & consulting business, I owned 2 retail stores and a yoga studio in Montreal, Quebec.

We manufactured our own eco yoga-wear line, built a community of amazing Yoginis, supported local “Made in Canada” brands such as Yoga Jeans, hosted events at the store giving visibility to our community leaders, raised money for our favorite charities through our Sunday yoga classes… It was fun, it was hard work, it was rewarding.

And yet…

Deep down, I knew that there had to be a better way, an easier way, a more fruitful, abundant way to build a business.

I wanted to leverage my time, travel, and make more money.

My intuition was calling me to make a change, to honour my deepest desires for freedom.

I was craving expansion and growth…

But I felt stuck.

I had a team of employees and yoga teachers counting on me for their jobs. I had signed incredibly expensive leases that seemed unbreakable. I had bank loans, customers, subcontractors, taxes and bills to pay. And I felt the pressure of it all.

Plus I had no idea what this “expansion” and next phase of my entrepreneurial life would look like! All I knew for sure was that I wasn’t going to remain in the retail business model.

My logical mind couldn’t see a way out — but my intuition kept insisting.

So I kept asking for her guidance. I kept asking her to show me what it was I needed to see and do to leap into my new life.

Then, one day, I came across a program that taught about online business, and had a lightbulb moment…

A whole new world of possibilities opened up!

Even though it was a big investment at the time (and my little ego mind was coming up with all kinds of excuses NOT to do this), I enrolled on the spot.

That was the beginning of my journey of learning absolutely EVERYTHING I could about building an online business.

The first 2 years of starting my online coaching business, I invested THOUSANDS of dollars in my personal and business growth — from high-level coach training (I hold 4 certifications to this day) to marketing, copywriting, branding, strategies to grow my email list, Facebook ads, funnels… You name it, I learned it AND implemented it.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for me to put all the pieces together and create a strong foundation for my online business, making money pretty much right off the bat.

I successfully transitioned from the offline business model to online, regaining my freedom (and sanity) in the process.

I started working with like-minded souls: intuitive womxn (and mxn) who wanted to learn how to build a successful business, many of them coaches. In fact, without any advertising, I was able to fill my client roster and sell out my coaching programs in my first year in business as a coach.

Did I bring with me years of experience as an entrepreneur that helped me successfully start my coaching business? Yes.

But when I look back at the different businesses I’ve built and what I was able to accomplish in the last 10-15 years, I can clearly see that my entrepreneurial spirit paired with strategic thinking AND intuitive guidance was crucial to my success.

As an online business consultant and launch strategist, I’m here to help you design a business that will leverage your time, impact more people and make you more money.

I look forward to supporting you on this incredible journey,



Caroline Frenette Certified Advanced Transformative Coach, The Three Principles, Intuitive Business Coach & Online Business Consultant

Caroline Frenette — Certified Advanced Transformative Coach® a.k.a. Supercoach — is the owner of an international consulting business.

She’s been an entrepreneur for 15+ years with retail stores and a yoga studio, designing and manufacturing her own ready-to-wear collections (her clothes made it on the cover of Elle and Fashion magazine) and for the last 5 years, bringing her expertise online as a coach & consultant working with gifted coaches, creative entrepreneurs, visionaries and impact-driven leaders helping them achieve greater levels of ease and success.

Caroline has spent the past 15+ years researching the humxn intuitive process as it applies specifically to business building & entrepreneurship, immersing herself as a research participant in over 40+ well-known business courses and trainings in her quest to help business owners develop a deep sense of inner security, confidence, and strength that will transform the way they do business forever.

Swoon worthy brags

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude for Caroline, and am overjoyed she came into my life to support my new business in blooming.”

Kaity Rose


“I felt on top of the world after each session!”

Sara J. Sanderson

Founder of The Heartist Movement

“I finally have a business! I’m ecstatic!”

Stacy Rayna,

Astrology for Gen Y Women

“Caroline really delivered above and beyond anything I could have imagined!”

Lainey Prendeville Crawford,

Creative Coach & Voice Liberator


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Discover your
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This quiz will give you clarity on your innate genius so you can shift from effortful to effortless.

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