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{TCFS #59} An Intuitive Exercise To Clarify Your Ideal Client Avatar

Fresh on iTunes: a new podcast episode where I’m sharing an intuitive exercise to help you get clear on who your ideal clients are and how to DRAW THEM TO YOU.

So in traditional marketing, they teach that the clearer you are on who you want to serve the more your branding and messaging will reflect and align with that. The usual recommendation is to make a list of your client’s attributes (where does she live, how old is she, marital status, where does she hang out, spend her time, what does she struggles with…) which feels like a very left brain and superficial approach to me.

My model of drawing the ideal client takes a more intuitive and fluid approach, and it sets the stage for our coaching journey so it also acts as a positioning strategy which is SO KEY if you want to naturally stand out from the crowd.

Some of the questions I ask to get clear on my ideal client avatar are:

• What kind of people do I really admire and want to work with?
• Where is she currently stuck — what is she struggling with — and how do I help?
• What type of agreement are we making when working together?
• What are the expectations?
• What is the vision I have for my clients and can I communicate this clearly in my copy and marketing?
• How is my work different than other coaches and how will this impact my client?
• What is my style of coaching?
• What do I expect from my clients?
• What do I refuse to do or stand for? (Listen to the episode for this one…)

Check out my Coach With Me page to learn more about how I applied this intuitive exercise.

In this podcast, I show you how my intuitive exercise will:

• Help you put yourself in their shoes
• Help you take the lead and design a coaching experience that is unique to you
• Help you get crystal clear and draw the perfect clients to you

Once you’ve listened, go ahead and grab pen and paper (or open a new Goggle Doc), tap into your unique intuitive wisdom and make this exercise your own! The key is to listen to your own inner wisdom and let her guide you.

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