When an idea so luminous and so clear hits you like a lightning bolt, there’s only one thing to do: follow its lead.

Earlier this summer, while on a walk with my fiancé and 3 overly-excited Schnoodles, I had an insight that changed the entire course of my future.

The insight triggered an idea that landed so hard that it exploded into a million fragments showing me the entire execution plan: the vision, the why and the how down to the smallest of details.

This idea had been floating around me for a while, teasing me, tapping on the window of my consciousness beckoning me to come and play. And then one day when she was ready (when I was receptive), the gentle nudges turned into an undeniable calling that I had to act on.

The beauty of a crystallized idea is that it shows you the entire instruction manual so that you know exactly what to do next, and next, and next…

Everything became clear: the branding, the marketing, the niche, the products, the new podcast, the website, the book, the brand affiliations and the collaborations that would enable me to serve this community that is very much in need of what I (and my team of experts) have to offer.

But best of all, I was so excited to get going with this project because I love, love, love the woman I’ll be serving through this new business. I love her, I understand her, I AM her.

Suddenly, a summer full of leisurely days spent paddle boarding turned into full-on work mode.

I became super organized and efficient with my time. Indulging in mindless social media browsing? No thanks.

I also became ultra discerning of the programs I wanted to launch in the fall, pulling the plug on most of them except the ones that really called to my heart.

But the best thing is that this project has been so life-giving that the energy has spilled into every area of my life including my health, relationships, and my coaching business.

I have boundless energy yet I feel grounded and present.

My friend, Mr. Overwhelm pops up once in a while (you should see my to-do list, it’s epic) but thanks to my understanding of the mind (The Three Principles), it never stays for very long, which is a good thing because we all get a lot more productive without him, don’t we?

I’m getting so much done that it looks like we might be able to officially launch this Fall.

But it hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows.

This new venture, my 4th business in 15 years, is asking me to say yes to opportunities I never thought I’d say yes to. And it’s asking me to summon courage as I make the lifestyle and mindset upgrades necessary for the successful birth of this baby.

The whole process feels like shedding an old skin (sorry if that sounds gross) as I’m having to let go of parts of myself (habits, stories, beliefs) that are just not serving me anymore. Which reminds me of the garter snake skin I found by the pool the other day which the Schnoodles have an odd fascination with. Why do dogs have to roll around in poop or dead things? I digress…

Here’s the point of this story:

If you ever find yourself uninspired or feeling a lack of direction in your life and/or business, know that you’re just an insight away from a brand new idea that could potentially change your entire future.

Although many people believe that change, inspiration or that shifting direction takes time, it doesn’t have to. (Ask my clients.)

An insight will propel you into a new state of consciousness where a brand new reality awaits. An insight brings along fresh thinking that reshuffles the world of form to support the realization of your idea.

It’s pretty powerful stuff, and it’s the kind of magic that’s available to all of us.

If you’d like to follow along this crazy adventure called building a new business, and if you’d like to see my new pink hair, hang out with me on Instagram. I also take my private coaching clients on this journey with me, taking them behind the scenes of how I’m building this puppy and sharing the strategies that are working for me at this time.

(I’m sharing the good, the bad and the ugly because building a business is challenging and I don’t think enough people share the real work behind a 7 figure venture.)

If you’d like to be one of a handful of clients I’ll be taking on this Fall, click here to book a time to talk.

With love,