I love seeing my women find their sweet spots in their business — that place of alignment where things seem to fall into place.

When you’ve been pouring your heart and Soul into a project and then finally…

You have a waitlist for your services.

Your potential clients DM you asking when you’re opening your mastermind again.

Your students are sending testimonials of transformation.

The money starts pouring in.

Opportunities come knocking.

Finding your sweet spot is tricky, because it’s not a strategic exercise; it’s a blend of being clear on what you want, taking action, not giving up when it’s not working and intuitively feeling what’s right.

I’m currently experiencing my sweet spot in my new business venture Journey To Glow, and I’m quite excited by what’s happening.

In hindsight, I can see that the last 5 years running an online business and working with hundreds of women entrepreneurs is what prepared me for this moment. Everything I learned and implemented in my coaching business now serves this new venture.

Journey to Glow is growing fast, and I feel that this is thanks to both a commitment to my personal quest to heal my skin, the vision I have for this community and filling a need in a market.

If I was going to sum up the elements that enable us to find and operate from our sweet spot, I would say that you need:

  1. An idea that lights you up
  2. The right tools to execute this idea
  3. A market that needs and will buy this idea
  4. The right positioning within this market
  5. A sense that you are operating in your zone of genius
  6. Clarity and flow
  7. A momentum greater than the efforts you put in
  8. The capacity to intuitively listen to what your people need and want
  9. And the ability to deliver and wow them

Are you currently in your sweet spot?

If not, why do you think that is? Are you missing some of the elements I mentioned above?



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