Last week, I posted on FB about a simple way to gain powerful momentum: Insight First, Action Second.

But as soon as I hit “post,” I felt a pang in my chest, which is usually how my intuition tells me I’m off.

The truth is that we don’t have to wait for insight to STRIKE to take action. We can gain momentum by taking action first, even if we’re not totally clear on where we’re headed.

Clarity can ABSOLUTELY come from taking action as each step we take will reveal the next step and the next…and the next.

10 years ago, I started my first business as a fashion designer on a hunch — an inkling of an idea — and took small but consistent steps towards what looked like the big unknown. The path wasn’t clearly defined, and the idea evolved over time. I could never have predicted that my clothes would make the cover of Elle and Fashion Magazine or that the initial seedling of an idea would turn into 2 retails stores, a yoga studio and, now, an online business.

I’ve been fascinate for years about what makes an entrepreneur able to create phenomenally successful ventures. (This is why I created the podcast, to explore the inside-out creative process.)

After 15+ years as an entrepreneur both online and offline — and over the last 4 years working with coaches, creatives and gifted peeps who want to start their own thriving businesses — I’ve come to see, again and again, that there is not *one way* to gain momentum and create a successful biz.

Formulas, strategies, systems and step-by-steps are wonderful.

Insights are powerful forces that can move us into action.

But the magic happens at the intersection of both. It’s happening as much in the invisible as in the action.

ENGAGING in an idea is what will eventually create momentum, but we must do our part and FOLLOW the idea (take action) and playfully see where she wants to take us.

Are you waiting — and waiting and waiting — for the perfect idea before starting?

Are you killing potentially good ideas with your over-thinking?

Or are you juggling too many ideas, which leaves you stuck, not knowing which one to grab hold of and run with?

If so, don’t stay stuck. Get in touch and let’s get you in the creative flow.

Caroline, XO

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2PS: In this podcast episode, I talk about how you can play with ideas to see which one has the most potential.


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The best investment I’ve ever made! Thank you, Caroline, for showing me that the business part of my business can be as filled with soul, spirit, love and enjoyment as I already feel from working with my clients. You are an absolute Goddess-send!
— Casey Campbell, Theta Healing Practitioner

Our meeting touched my soul & the messages still resonate deep within me. The advice you gave me is worth millions but most of all? After the session, I felt like a million bucks. — Anastassia Grace, TV personality & Psychic medium