TCFS #40 Your Clients Are EVERYWHERE + How To Become More “Visible” So Your Clients Can Find You

If you’re like many smart business owners, coaches, service-based entrepreneurs launching your first online or offline business, you probably find yourself struggling with the same issues many of my clients are such as “How + where do I start?”, “Who the heck is my target market?”, “WHERE oh WHERE are my clients HIDING?” or “I don’t have any paying clients, HELP!”

The simple truth is that your ideal clients are all around you. But as human beings who tend to overthink pretty much everything (including business building) and we overcomplicate the client creation process to the point where we can’t see the OBVIOUS: what’s right in front of us.

In this podcast episode, I share with you specific examples and client success stories that will help you see the obvious: that your clients are all around you.

This episode also will show you the practicality of working with your inner CEO — your inner wisdom — and will show you The Three Principles at play in your life so that you can more easily snap out of a fearful or confused state of mind and summon your inner courage to take bold actions.

Plus, if you feel like you’ve been hiding in your business, this episode will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and step into a greater level of visibility so your clients can SEE you.

This episode also features 2 cool success stories from 2 of my *fabulosity clients* and how when they took BOLD and COURAGEOUS actions, it had an almost instantaneous impact on their bottom line.

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I’ve been listening to Caroline for a while now, participated in some classes and I have been able to tap into my own wisdom. And so now, to have all this “wisdom” gathered in one place where I can visit over and over again has been such a gift! I’m so grateful! 
— MarchesaLaRenta

I am so incredibly grateful to Caroline for this gift she has given to us. This comes at the perfect time for me as I prepare to launch a new business. With all the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with it, I somehow feel a sense of peace knowing I can tune in to the TCFS and receive extremely valuable guidance, all for free! Thank you so much Caroline! — fox888s


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