TCFS #48 Entrepreneurship And The Three Principles With Jeanne Catherine Gray

Do you guys know that there’s an A-W-E-S-O-M-E Three Principles event happening in Charlottesville Virginia hosted and created by the one and only Jeanne Catherine Gray? And that it’s called… The Awesome Event?

If you guys don’t know Jeanne, well, you should, cause she’s pretty damn cool, and smart, and badass. (Cause you kinda have to be badass to pull off such an incredible event.)

Anyhoo, in order to support Jeane on her incredibly inspiring mission, I invited her on the show so we could talk biz stuff, jam about entrepreneurship and talk about The AWESOME Event.

What I love about Jeanne’s event is that she invited some of the well-known speakers in The Three Principles community but also emerging voices, which is super cool.

DO LISTEN ALL THE WAY TO THE END (or skip to the end if you just can’t wait) because Jeanne gives the listeners of The Caroline Frenette Show a coupon code giving you $200 off the price of the ticket. Which is insane. And awesome.

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On today’s episode Jeanne and I talk about:

  1. Entrepreneurship, your unique genius and how do you go about discovering it?
  2. The voice within: how to channel and harness your innate wisdom in your life & business
  3. The inside-out perspective on making money
  4. How to do “vision” in an intuitive way and let the vision organically guide your action steps
  5. How to mine your inner resources to WAKE UP your inner CEO
  6.         What are the Three Principles as taught by Syd Banks

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Caroline, XO

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Jeanne Catherine Gray’s website
The Awesome Event
A low down on podcasting
What is your unique genius and how to find it
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This podcast is like a breath of fresh air. Instead of telling you HOW things need to be or what you should or shouldn’t do, Caroline & Her awesome guests inspire you to look with in! They help you tap into what really matters and reconnect to the inner wisdom that has humans we often forget we have. LOVE LOVE LOVE the simplicity of my day to day thinking now. I no longer get the feeling of being trapped in chaos of everyday life. Thank you! — Carolyn – UnordinaryLife


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