TCFS #41 Bonus Summer Episode: What’s coming up in Season 2 of The Caroline Frenette Show

Coming up in Season 2 of The Caroline Frenette Show a new series on business building with experts in:

  • Branding: Why you Want To Build A Brand Not A Business
  • Copywriting That Converts And Feels Good To Write
  • Content Creation That Speaks To Your Ideal Clients
  • Transformative Marketing: The Art Of Making All Your Communications Authentic Transformative
  • Funnels Made Easy & Fun
  • Facebook Ads For Newbies: How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck
  • Course Building: How To Ensure Your Students Get Results
  • The Legal Responsibilities Of Being A Business Owner
  • The Ethics of Selling Coaching
  • Giving Back To Your Community
  • Behind The Scenes of My Latest Launches
  • Building A Freedom Based Business: What Does It Really Mean And What Kind Of Business Structure Does It Take?
  • What Is A Mastermind And Why You Need One

Also coming up later on in the season, a special series called “Up Close And Personal” where I’ll be asking leaders, teachers and emerging voices in the Three Principles Community thought provoking questions so we can get to know their passions, goals and vision for the world.

Caroline, XO

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