We’re already on week 5 of my summer program, The Principles of Creation, and yet it feels like I only launched it yesterday!  

They say, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” which sounds pretty tacky. But in this case, it’s true.

I was talking to my coach yesterday, sharing with him the feedback I’ve been getting from the participants:

Mitch says, “I am getting so much from our time together in POC; it’s making a big difference in my work and in my life.”

Trish says, “Everything I want is right in front of me, and all I have to do is allow the doors to open.”

Cat says, “I am deeply impressed and inspired by you and your work and am thrilled with your POC course!”
I’m so amazed at the progress they’ve made in such a short amount of time – progress in their projects but, most of all, the powerful insights they’ve been having about themselves and their capacity to create what they truly desire.

My coach kindly pointed out that that’s what “unleashing your pure potential” does: It impacts people so profoundly that their entire reality changes in sometimes sudden (and magical) ways.

Lately, I’ve seen the power of potentiality first hand, in particular with my podcast.

The entire process of creating this podcast has been about exploring, even more deeply, what it means to create from the inside out – how to spot and SEIZE an opportunity and follow up with MASSIVE inspired action.

As a result, I’ve wrapped up an entire series of 24 episodes in less than a month. Everyone I reached out to was THRILLED at the concept for this podcast and said “yes!” to a collaboration.

Every step, every action in executing this plan was effortless. I was connected to the creative flow of life, and all I had to do was respond to my wisdom in the moment and allow the idea to unfold in miraculous ways.

My podcast is ready to launch one week ahead of what I had planned.

If you have a project, idea or business that you’d like to see SPRING to life, ask yourself:

What wants to come forth?

What wants to emerge?

What wants to come to life?

If your idea holds the seed for potentiality, it will be effortless to execute.

*Effortless doesn’t mean without work; it means that your actions flow, there is no struggle.

If you need clarity to see if an idea has potentiality and what would be the best course of action for you, hit reply, and tell me what you’re currently working on.

If I can point you towards more ease and flow, I will respond with some guidance.

Caroline, XO

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