It’s 8pm as I write this.

I’m sipping a lovely glass of Chardonnay (Apriori from Mendocino County, if you ask), and I’m reflecting on a conversation we had today in one of our live calls for Supercoach Academy.

One of the students asked a question I hear soooooo often from startup coaches and service-based entrepreneurs: “How can I find new clients?”

It’s a great question and one that has already been answered by many “experts”…



Free discovery sessions! (GAG)

Email your list!

Networking events!

Pick up the phone!

Create a killer lead magnet!

A marketing funnel!

Although there are many “proven formulas,” step-by-step systems, and lots of smart advice going around on how to “get” clients, no one talks about the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM… because they don’t see it.  

And that big-ass pink tutu-wearing elephant?  

State of mind.

Now, what does that even mean…??? *snorts her Chardonnay through her nostrils.*

Simply put, your state of mind dictates your ability to see (or not see) what is right in front of you.

Your state of mind creates your reality.

Like, literally.

But what creates state of mind?


Now, I don’t know how he came up with the number, but Deepak Chopra says that we think anywhere between 60 and 70,000 thoughts a day.

On top of  that, most of these are thoughts we’ve thought before. In other words, we keep thinking the same thing over and over and over…and over again, partly due to our conditioning and the repetitive (and limited) nature of the thinking mind.

So basically, state of mind is created by our ongoing – positive or negative, beautiful or ugly – thoughts.

But here’s the tricky part: our thinking looks real because it generates our emotions.

How we feel has nothing to do with the outside world, our circumstances, other people, my mother-in-law…. How we feel is 100% an inside job.

Can you see the loop? Thoughts create emotions, which create more thinking, more drama, more pain, more suffering, more stuckness….

(Wait, there’s actually good news in all of this.)

The GOOD NEWS is that our state of mind fluctuates moment to moment, and with a fresh new thought comes a different state of mind.

Think about it: Have you ever felt stuck or like you just couldn’t find a solution to a problem? The more you tried to figure it out, the more it eluded you until you finally let it go, and then it just CAME to you?

That’s how easily *snaps fingers* our state of mind can change.

Now, what the heck does that have to do with creating clients or [insert your wants here]?

It has EVERYTHING to do with it.

In your thought-created reality, you’ll find infinite possibilities (and infinite ways to create new clients), or you’ll draw a blank as to WHERE THE HECK your clients are.

Ultimately, everything that you’ve ever dreamed of or desired (yes, that means the clients, the lifestyle, the best-selling book, an entire summer sipping Chianti in a Tuscan villa) exists for you in the field of pure potentiality. And all you have to do to access that field is turn away from the (over) thinking mind and tune into the wisdom within.

Tapping into infinite possibilities, therefore, starts with understanding the power of state of mind.

When you do, the veil of illusion will crack open, and you’ll see that everything you’ve ever wanted was right in front of you

Simplistic? Maybe.  

Easy? Depends on your state of mind. 🙂

Caroline, XO

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[VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION – State of Mind, Creating Clients And Productivity]

Hey! Caroline Frenette of and this is Day 9 of my personal 30-day video challenge where I’m actually getting an upgrade in equipment so now you see that I’m lit up properly because of my diva light. I’m so happy! I got a microphone and a brand new camera coming up so I can’t wait to really up my game.

Today’s theme is all about state of mind.

What does it even mean?

I want to give you a specific example of how state of mind can affect your entire life and business. In fact, it affects everything…

A couple of years ago, when I was learning about the inside-out Principles which is what we’re talking about here, I was planning my summer and my schedule for the summer in my business.

I was pretty busy with my Supercoach training (where I was learning the three principles) but I was also taking LOTS of courses. (In the past four years, I have taken over 35 courses for online business. I’m kinda getting the hang of it!)

My summer was therefore pretty busy… My schedule was super busy: lots of clients, courses, training, and traveling.

I remember telling my coach that I felt so overwhelmed. I was living in an overwhelmed state of mind which was creating a very uncomfortable physical experience. I could feel the overwhelm in my body.

My coach, Michael Neill, kindly pointed out that my overwhelm was created by my thinking.

At that time, I knew that my reality was created by my thinking but I thought there was an exception to this because I really felt my overwhelm. I felt it in my body; it was so uncomfortable just like you can feel stress and fears, right? So it looked and felt really real.

Somehow, in this conversation with my coach, I saw my thoughts and I saw that I was having a lot of thinking about my schedule and everything about it.

It’s as if I saw my thoughts float in my consciousness.

Those thoughts were carrying the energy of overwhelm because they were sending me the same message over and over again.

That overwhelmed state of mind, unfortunately, is very unproductive.

If you’re in a stressful state of mind, fearful state of mind, doubtful state of mind, overwhelmed state of mind, crappy state of mind; whichever one it is, it’s hard to be productive because you’re just caught up into your thinking.

When I saw my thoughts floating in front of me, somehow, I just detached from that thinking and really saw it for what it was. I saw it as energy and I saw that I was making a big story out of being busy for the longest time.

I saw that in my mind, I had a belief that being busy was a good thing, busy was successful. I saw that it wasn’t true and causing me to not have a great life. I saw all of that in one instant. It came through an insight; I saw my thinking.

Now that’s the beauty of this conversation; the beauty of understanding the nature of Thought, Universal mind, and Consciousness is that when you start to understand the system we’re equipped with as a human being, you stop beating yourself up about not having the “perfect” thoughts and “perfect” mindset.

I didn’t change or manipulate my thinking so that I would feel better; I just saw the thoughts as what they were. And in that instant, the overwhelm went away.

Here’s why it is important for you to understand state of mind: as a result of having that insight, I lost all of my overwhelm AND everything that was on my calendar for the entire summer and my to-do list, like 3 to 4 months, I did in 2 weeks.

Here’s the possibility that lies in this understanding of state of mind; unleashing a higher performance, creating more results more effortlessly without stress, fears, and overwhelm.

Here’s what I wanna leave you with: I would like you to explore how this makes sense for you: can you see the current state of mind that you’re operating in?

Can you see that you operate all of the time in a state of mind and that snapping out of it is just a question os seeing it?

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