I recently had a conversation with a colleague about “treating others the way we like to be treated” and how that’s especially important when running an online business.

Now you’d think that this is obvious, right?

But for some mysterious reason, a simple thing such as responding to an email —  even if it’s to say “no thanks” —  is an art that seems to be lost.

It’s like people think that there isn’t an actual human being on the other side of the blog or FB post/email or newsletter.

Yes, we’re all busy running a business and having a (hopefully) wonderful life.

But if someone takes the time to write to you personally to invite you to an event, a webinar, a podcast, a FB group, a new program —  why not take the time to actually respond? Even if the answer is no?

Cause here’s the thing: How you show up in your business and how you show up to other people is how others will show up to you.

Aren’t getting replies to your emails or feedback when you ask?

Hearing crickets when you make an offer?

Aren’t getting testimonials from past clients?

People not sharing your content or commenting on your blog?

Ask yourself…

Am I taking the time to…

Write a testimonial to someone who’s made a difference in my life
Retweet someone’s tweet
Write a quick email to say, “Thank you; you’ve impacted me more than you know…”
Write a review for a podcast/book I enjoyed
Comment on a thought-provoking FB post
Say, “No, thank you, that’s not for me. But let me share it with my peeps, cause it might be for them…” or “Let me think, there might be someone in my network who could benefit from your offer. Could I get back to you…?”

Instead of feeling “used” or “sold to” or thinking, “How dare you take up my valuable time” see if you can shift into “How can I help or support or pay it forward?”

That shift, that attitude of service is filled with the energy of abundance and a deep knowing that there is more than enough…

There’s more than enough time…
There’s more than enough clients…
There’s more than enough money…
There’s more than enough opportunities…

Every morning I sit at my computer, tune into my heart and ask, “Who + how can I…”

Give back?

What can I do to show (person that pops into my head) that I care and want them to succeed?

Send a love note?
Write a thoughtful comment on a post she wrote?
Send a quick “Hello, I’m thinking of you, and I want you to know I got your back…”?
Introduce [this wonderful person] to someone who could have a huge impact on her business?
Share an idea that could impact his/her bottom line?

That shift — that attitude of authentic kindness — I promise you will do more for your business than you could ever imagine.


PS: I believe that simple things such as an email or a text can have the power to make or break someone’s day, and I also believe that all our communications can be transformative. If that idea appeals to you, listen to this podcast episode on Transformative Marketing.


Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail users: please check your junk for your confirmation email then move it email to your “MAIN” folder.

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