TCFS #34 Transformative Marketing: The art of making all of your communications intentional and transformative

Welcome to another episode of The Caroline Frenette Show! A podcast dedicated to helping you WAKE UP your inner CEO, develop your business intuition and unleash your FULL creative potential.

In today’s episode we talk about a fresh new approach to marketing: TRANSFORMATIVE MARKETING

Ever find yourself thinking: “Eeewwww… Marketing is icky”, “I just don’t like to talk about myself” or “Why don’t people see how great my services are and just buy ‘em already?!”

If you’re an entrepreneur you HAVE to learn to market yourself.

You could be AMAZING at your craft, have the most innovative and transformative service or product in the world but unless people know about it – and know where to buy it – your gifts and talents are going to remain undiscovered and you won’t impact the people that need you.

So in this episode we’re going to explore a fresh new way approach to marketing: one that feels uplifting, empowering, honours your value and creates a transformative impact.

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