Woke up this morning to a landscape of nature covered in a thick blanket of snow and a cold, dark house.

In between spurts of the electricity coming in and out, what’s the first thing I do? I grind some fresh coffee beans! (Have you ever tried to grind coffee beans by hand? It takes forever!)

As I write, this I’m sitting in bed cuddled up with 3 Schnoodles and 2 furry cats.

I was supposed to work on my book -laptop fully charged and a candle burning in case the electricity went out again- but what was truly calling me was something entirely different.

My vision for 2017.

I shared with you in podcast episode #19 an insight I had a few weeks ago that revealed a powerful vision for my life in 2017.

Contained in this vision is everything I need to know to get started on this new path: who I need to be as a leader to bring this visions into reality and what I’m truly feeling called to create in the new year (2 new books, epic travels, giving back projects, training leaders, working with young CEOs and a new level of financial prosperity in my life and business).

If you’ve ever wondered if your impact/work/message mattered, now’s the time to stand strong in what you believe and courageously bring it into the world.

It matters. You matter.

No more wavering, doubting, questioning, procrastinating.

The time to hide behind your excuses (not enough time, not enough money, not enough training, not good enough…) is over.

Your family, kids, friends, community, clients and peers need you to shine your brilliance and to take bold actions.

It’s time to get in the game.

To serve, to impact, to transform, to grow, to inspire, to rise, to prosper, to give, to act.

What’s your great vision for 2017 and beyond?

What are you finally going to courageously birth into the world?

Join me in this movement where women and men courageously stand in their greatness, and choose to live a full life and make a conscious contribution to the world.

No more hiding or playing small.

It’s time to show up to yourself and to your life.

Caroline, xo

PS:  If you like concrete results as much as I do, but you’d like to create said results with more ease and flow, then your first step is to learn to tap into the energy of life, to tune your “radio dial” on inner wisdom and to stop listening to the gremlin in your head.

(To be fair, you can’t shut down the gremlin completely BUT you can learn to “see” past your noisy thoughts and to see the power of Thought for what it really is – the energy that creates your perceived reality. As a result, the noise in your head will dissipate and your inner wisdom will come through and be heard more easily.)

This is where The Three Principles comes in: once you understand the nature of Thought, Mind and Consciousness and see them at play in your business and in your everyday your life, you’ll find yourself opening up even more to the flow of life and creating more consciously. And yes, that will feel like effortlessness.

Effort is the result of too much friction of thought.  When there’s too much friction you expend more energy than you need to, and that leaves you feeling exhausted, like you’ve been spinning your wheels and not going anywhere or exerting a lot of effort for very little return. On the other hand, the more purity of Thought is in the game, the less effort it takes to manifest what you want in the world of form.

My job? To show you how that works so you can become an unstoppable force of nature.

I’ve opened spots to talk with you about what you’d like to courageously create in your life or business in the coming months or year.

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