TCFS #23 How to Get Started (And Get Moving) On A Big Project Or Business When You Don’t Have Funds Or Investments

Welcome to another episode of The Caroline Frenette Show, a podcast dedicated to helping leaders, entrepreneurs and world changers develop their business intuition, WAKE UP their inner CEO™ and unleash their FULL creative potential.

While most business podcasts focus on strategies, “proven” formulas and step-by-step systems, after 15+ years running several successful businesses, I’ve come to see that there are no such thing as magical formulas.

Following in the footsteps of others does not guarantee your success.

The ONE THING that we should be talking about is the invisible force that lies within every human being that enables them to create MAGNIFICENT results whether that’s achieving higher levels of performance, rapid business growth, instantaneous behavioural change and even quantum leaps.

In this podcast series I’m going to be taking you behind the scenes of MY inside-out creative process and into the brilliant minds of successful entrepreneurs who have a strong grasp of “State of Mind” or The Three Principles.

My hope is that you’ll see that the key to your success and well-being is not outside, it’s inside.

And who better to talk about MEGA creative projects and business building than today’s guest: Rudi Kennard.

Rudi is the founder and creator of and

In today’s episode we talk about:

→ When inspiration hits you, life will reshuffle EVERYTHING around you to help you manifest the idea into the form #epic

→ How Rudi sees the creation process from the inception of an idea to its execution

→ How to keep moving forward even when you don’t know the next steps


→ What to do when a project looks SO BIG that you don’t know where to start or you have no idea how to finance it

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