How often do you consult, listen to and act on your inner guidance?

Some of the time? Most of the time? Nevaaaa’?

I’m asking because many of my clients would say that they are (very) intuitive, yet they often get stuck on simple things such as “what should I name my new podcast?” or “how much should I charge for my services?” or “who should I market my services to?” and “which products or programs should I launch?”.

All great questions that point to the same thing: an unclear state of mind will make everything look complicated.

So why is it that someone can be highly intuitive (and smart), but can’t trust her inner wisdom in decision making?

Simple: when your mind gets noisy your inner guidance gets drowned out.

Too much noise interference.  

Einstein said it best: “We can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them.”

It’s game changing to see this, isn’t it?

As an intuitive business strategist, I like to keep business building simple. So the work I do with clients is based on the understanding of 3 simple Principles: Thought, Mind and Consciousness.

What do spiritual Principles that explain aaaaaaall of life’s creation (and human experience) have to do with business building you ask?


See, my job as a certified Advanced Transformative Coach (a.k.a Supercoach) is not to tell you what to do, to give you advice, “proven” strategies or step by step formulas.

Sure, when I take on a client he or she gets full access to my business building expertise, my resources, network, thousands of hours of training in marketing, sales, list building, SEO and my 15+ years experience as a successful online and offline entrepreneur.  

Yes, we talk about creating clients, generating multiple sources of income, implementing systems that support rapid yet sustainable growth, marketing strategies that stand out AND yield powerful results…

But most of all, what my clients really get from working with me is a powerful awakening, a remembering of their magnificent infinite potential.

(If Oprah had amnesia and came to me for help in building OWN, my job wouldn’t be to develop the best business strategy, even though I could. My job would be to help her remember who she is: OPRAH.)

And that remembering? It starts with the understanding of Three Principles.

These simple yet profound Principles enable my clients to go from confused, stuck, stressed, fearful, doubtful and/or anxious to crystal clear, grounded, confident, creative, productive.

Another byproduct of this understanding is that my clients become truly intuitive. The doubting disappears and they make decisions, act and operate from a deep connection to Universal Mind.

You want a competitive edge? Breakthrough the online noise? Stand out in an overcrowded marketplace? Sell out your retreats/workshops/programs? Book yourself solid? Tap into emerging trends? Create a movement people will want to join?

Learn how to bypass the limitations of the mind, deepen your connection to Divine Intelligence and create from a place of flow.

No one will compete with you ever again.

I’ve opened spots to talk with you about what you’d like to create in your life or business.

Click this link to book a chat and see how working with me is the best investment you’ll ever make.

Oh wait, you thought intuition was about predicting the future? That it was too woowoo, esoteric or abstract?  

Think again.  

Intuitive business building is practical and yields concrete results.  Faster too. (Call it an unfair advantage.)

Jump on Skype with me and let’s get you set up with a high speed connection to your inner wisdom and create in the space where miracles happen.



It’s the best investment I’ve ever made!

It’s been really good to commit to a pack and to stay consistent with the coaching sessions week after week, it’s really paying off.

Thank you, Caroline, for showing me that the business part of my business can be as filled with soul, spirit, love and enjoyment as I already feel from working with my clients.

You are an absolute Goddess-send!

— Casey Campbell, Theta healing Practitioner

PS: Speaking of miracles, the craziest thing happened to me on my way back from LA last week. You could indeed call it a miracle and it will REALLY resonate if you travel as much as I do.

I talk about this adventure in my latest podcast episode as well as how my intuition told me in a dream to “pack your bags, you’re going to LA tomorrow.” #followyourdreams

In case you haven’t tuned in to the podcast yet, my Friday episodes are called “Saying YES to Life!” and they take you behind the scenes of what I’m creating in my life and in my business.

“Saying YES to Life” is a fun challenge I gave myself last July where I say “YES” to my intuition and “NO” to my little ego mind.

To say that this has been an epic adventure is an understatement.

I would never have enjoyed so many miracles, surprises, gifts and magical occurrences had I not accepted this challenge.

The easiest way to follow me in these adventures is to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or follow me on Instagram.


One thing I would say to anyone considering coaching with Caroline is: get your ass in gear. She’s a great coach but the reality is that YOU have to do your part.

Do the work Caroline is asking you to do, if you don’t, you’re not going to get the results you want.

You are a wonderful human being Caroline. You have impacted my life in such a positive way. Your coaching program is wonderful and I recommend it to every Goddess out there.
Your work is divine, thank you!

— Brigitte Corbeil, Author & Creator of Soul Styling™



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