TCFS #26 Wisdom Leadership

In today’s episode we’re going to explore simple ways that you can step into a bigger leadership role in your life and in your business, right now.

Leadership, for me, doesn’t mean leading the mass.  It means becoming a leader in your everyday life, knowing that your actions and that surrounding yourself with other leaders is what it’s all about.


#1 Wake up your Inner Leader

Questions to explore:

→ What does leadership mean to you?

→ In which areas of your life could you show more leadership?

→ What qualities do you need to embody in order be a leader in your community? In your business?

→ What would your life look like if you showed more leadership?

#2 See that your power as human beings lies within

→ Don’t expect your government to make choices that will make you happy, don’t expect your government to create the ideal circumstances to have a great life: YOU create them.

#3 Every (inspired) action counts

→ Don’t discount your value, your power, your voice or your actions

#4 Lead from wisdom

→ There is a HUGE difference between leading from wisdom versus leading from ego. Guess which one is TRULY going to make a POSITIVE impact on the world?

#5 For every problem there’s a solution

→ Understanding state of mind is the foundation for change

→ The key to fresh new insights is to be open and listening for something new

→ The problems that we are facing today are a result of the choices we made in the past, in order to create something new, we need a fresh perspective, fresh thinking, we can’t look to what we already know.


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