Helloooooo Daaaarling Sweetie Darling!

(Have you seen Absolutely Fabulous yet? If so, DID YOU LIKE IT???? My fiancé had never seen an episode of this iconic show from the 90’s and he was bored to tears. Frankly, I was a little disappointed too, but it was good to see Patsy and Eddie again. #crazypants)

As you’re reading this, we’re fast approaching the end of the year.

This month, I’m celebrating MY BIRTHDAY (guess how young I am?), hosting a XMAS dinner at home in the country and planning a last minute getaway so that my fiancé can maintain his 50K status with Air Canada. #freeupgrades

(Where does one go when all the cool spots are already booked for the Holidays? I’ll let my intuition guide me on this one… Stay tuned, I’ll post photos of where we end up on Instagram.)

Meanwhile, yesterday I sat down at my desk and banged out my entire strategic plan for 2017.

This flexible yet clear success map (<– more fun than a strategic plan, wouldn’t you say?) came out of an intuitive vision I had a few months ago as I was taking a walk with the Schnoodles.

(I share the entire story on podcast episode #21, click here to listen.)

My vision for 2017 involves lots of travels, working with leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries, giving-back projects and a top secret creative project (stay tuned for something fresh & new at carolinefrenette.com), an exciting new podcast series with a fabulous co-host and… the launch of my first book.

Now, if my business strategist read this she’d say: “That’s too many goals!” but I’ve come to see -over and over again- that the best decisions always come from my inner CEO, even when these decisions seem to defy logic.

So what about you, are you all set up for 2017?

Do you have clarity on your vision, your goals and an idea on how you’ll execute them?

If you feel stuck, are lacking enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation, book a 90 minute intuitive coaching session.

We’ll clarify your vision, break it down into manageable (fun goals) and you’ll leave our time together feeling clear and inspired again.

The 90 minute intuitive coaching session is also for you if you have a clear vision BUT lack clarity on the practical next steps OR if you tend to be very practical but get stuck in the day to day details of running a business and hence, have lost sight of your bigger vision.

Click here to book, then send me an email at hello(at)carolinefrenette(dot)com so we can confirm the earliest date and time available.  

First come, first served so don’t wait, spots are limited.

Enjoy a glorious month of December filled with joy and celebrations,

Caroline, XO


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