Just finished booking a getaway to Miami for my Sweetie and I to celebrate the new year in style.

We haven’t done this kind of trip in a while (my Sweetie likes like to trek the Himalayas, I like spa retreats in 7 star-boutique hotels…) so I’m looking forward a little’ dancing, eating at Nobu, yoga on the beach and yes, a glorious spa day.

Besides quick getaways to warmer climates, now’s a great time to look to the new year with fresh eyes.

In case you missed it, I hosted a FB live last week where I shared how I created a simple & flexible action plan that feels inspiring, energizing and fun.

They key before you plan anything? Is to check in with your inner CEO™.

A strategic plan paired with a strong connection to your inner wisdom and you’re…unstoppable.

Lacking clarity on what you want to create in 2017?

Feeling a little, shall we say, uninspired? Or overwhelmed with too much to do?

I’ve got just the thing for you…

It’s called a Tarocast (Tarot forecast) and it’s powerful.

A 90 minute Tarotcast will help you:

  • Gain clarity on what you need to know (and do) to reach your goals this year;
  • Know where to look for the low hanging fruit (as in making money in your business RIGHT NOW not someday);
  • Get specific details on what kind of offerings you should launch and which ones are most likely to be profitable (yes, I can see that in the cards);
  • Know where to focus your time and energy to achieve your goals;
  • The best way to create what you want but WITHOUT the struggle, the efforting, the overworking. Think: effortlessness, productivity, clarity and focused action that creates the best results for you. #velocity ;
  • Through a powerful intuitive process you will *see* the bigger picture for your life & business in 2017 and…
  • Together we’ll design a strategic yet flexible plan that will give you a strong sense of direction and may even put a glorious smile on your face.

You’ll leave our time together feeling like…

You’ve entered the coordinates in your GPS, you know where to go -and how to get there- BUT with a deep sense of being grounded in the NOW.

Your future is created in the present moment and PRESENCE is the power that truly creates my friend. (Yes, we’ll talk about how you can increase your magnetic presence during your session.)

During a Tarocast you can ask questions such as:

“What is the theme for my business & life in 2017?”

“What do I need to know and which specific actions should I take to ensure the best results?”

“What qualities do I need to embody to step up my game?”

“What do I need to let go of (clients, projects, fears, distractions) that keep me from really soaring in 2017?”

“What is the bigger vision for my life and what do I need to create/set up/put in place to set the foundation for my great work?”

Or … you can ask any questions you’ve been burning to ask and get clarity on.

I open spots for Tarotcast once a year and spots limited and sell out quickly.  

Book your 90 minute Tarocast by clicking this link then send an email to allo(at)carolinefrenette(dot)com so we can set the time and date.

Cheers, to a successful, joy-filled new year!

Caroline, XO

I got endless insights and inspiration from this program. Every week I seemed to open up more to my inner wisdom. It completely changed my outlook on life and my belief that I can do what has been sitting in my heart for too long. Now I’m confident I can share my experiences and knowledge with the world. — Tania Elfersy, creator of thewiserwoman.com


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