{PODCAST} #31 Tuning Into Your Wisdom To Create The Impossible – How to say NO to your limitations and YES to possibility

I’m never been short of ideas for fun projects but one thing that’s been crystal clear to me lately is that this year, I’m feeling called to move away from business related or money driven projects or goals.

My entrepreneurial journey started 15+ years ago when I quit a lucrative cartoon artist job to start my own little fashion empire designing women’s ready to wear.

Following a nudge from my intuition, I transformed the prêt-à-porter business into Yoga-à-Porter™ where I manufactured my own line of eco yoga wear for chic yoganistas, something that was quite innovative at the time. I opened up one retail store in a prime neighborhood in Montreal, then another, followed by a yoga studio. My team grew from 2 to 20 and our yoga community flourished.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart (and hold multiple coaching certifications), it only made sense to pour all of my skills into a coaching and consulting business helping my clients wake up their *own* inner CEO, which is what I’ve had the pleasure of doing for the last 4 years.

Right now my time is fully booked with clients as the book is being written, the launch + marketing + online program already laid-out, the website in the process of being re-branded to reflect a new direction in my business, the retreats being booked (hello, Mexico!)… I’m giving myself the permission to focus on something completely different as an “impossible” project.

Some of the ideas that have been calling me are:

IDEA #1 Connect and chat with 1000 people in my town: hear about their stories, their dreams, struggles, proudest moments… This idea was inspired by a 26 year old kid name Rob Lawless who’s doing a project called 10K Friends with a mission to connect with 10,000 human beings, in person, for an hour conversation. #awesome

Although I’m not choosing this for CTI, I have a feeling that the magic of Mind will work on my behalf this year so that I can connect with more people in my town just because this is something I’m feeling called to bring more to life. BBQs? Live masterminds? Game night with neighbors? I certainly have the space to host epic get-togethers, so… why not!

IDEA #2 Complete a sommelier course in 90 days. I’m passionate about wine and would love to master the art of wine pairings! Heck, a lot of my travels are guided by one simple question: which wine country next? (The answer is South Africa and that’s happening in March. #stellenboschbaby!)

The only challenge? I wouldn’t be able to actually drink most of said wine because of idea and commitment #3… #spititout #whatawaste

IDEA #3 Rejuvenate skin to glorious radiance a.k.a Get Gwyneth Paltrow’s Glow.

I’ve had rosacea for the loooooongest time and decided it’s time to reclaim my glow.

Why is this impossible?

I’m currently working with a natural skin care specialist and an (over zealous) naturopath who has put me on the STRICTEST diet eva’. No need to tell you that my little ego mind had a FIT when she told me the list of foods I can’t have anymore, and in her words “can’t have ever again”. #crazypants

I won’t bore you with the details but that means I don’t get to eat all the good stuff a french canadian girl likes to eat like baguette, cheese, pasta or… wine.

(Ok, she did say I could follow the diet to 80% and treat myself once on a while, but my ego mind didn’t hear it as good news at first. Until I had an insight… More on that below.)

However, since meeting with my naturopath I’ve had an insight about healthy eating that shifted my thinking so drastically that now it all looks… easy. Creating the impossible? Done.

One of the biggest rewards of doing a Principles based program (like CTI) is that the magic is in the process of exploration, not in the actual achievement of the project.

So JUST in pondering which projects to pick you might have already found yourself noticing the difference between the many different kinds of “yes” we get from our different states of mind, and the difference between a wisdom guided “yes” or a “little mind should”.

The entire discovery process is magical and part of letting the wisdom of Mind guide us. I call this “Saying Yes To Life”.

Here’s what I learned so far…

That idea #1 will happen but not on my time. It’s a Soul calling kinda a project so I’m giving myself a whole year to play with it and make friends with 1000 neighbors. And of course, you’re invited to the pool parties. 🙂

That idea #2 seemed like fun but didn’t fit in the grand scheme of living a healthier lifestyle, so it’s out. BUH-BYE.

And that idea #3 has moved me from “NO WAY NOT POSSIBLE!” to a whoooole new life of possibility, thanks to a consciousness shifting insight. So this one has the feeling of “done deal”.

I’ve also deepened my ability to sense the different kinds of “yes” we get from our wisdom and to see that sometimes we mistaken them for “nos” because our little mind is playing all sorts of tricks on us.

Which now leaves me with no choice but to look at idea #4, the “scariest” one of all. (Says my little mind”). The idea that makes me smile just thinking of it. The idea I’ve been trying to avoid, the one I’ve shared with my own mastermind but kept pushing on the back burner because it *looks* so BIG and BOLD in my thinking. (<– See how it works?  The trick of the mind? It just LOOKS big. HA!)

But before I share it with you, I shall do what I tell all my clients to do: I’ll step into the space of potentiality and courageously “feeeeeeel” and play with this idea. And when my intuition says “GO!”, I’ll take massive inspired action.

Caroline, XO


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