TCFS #32  My New Co-Host For This Special Series: Barb Patterson + When best laid plans don’t go your way… go with the flow of life!

Hey Guys! Welcome to a very special episode of The Caroline Frenette Show: the first in a series with my special co-host Barb Patterson.

Back in September 2016, I invited Barb to join me as co-host on the podcast for a special series so that we could jam together on what inspires us these days, how we see the inside-out creative process in business building and bring a fresh perspective to marketing, sales, client creation, leadership, coaching, making money and all the different challenges we come up against as entrepreneurs and how we see The Three Principles behind the answer to all those challenges or problems.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • What Barb did when her plan for the beginning of the new year went haywire
  • What I did when my plans for the beginning of the new year went haywire jeez, did that happen to everyone?)
  • The best way to deal with plans not going our way and how to stop fighting with life
  • What we think of resolutions 🙂
  • How to fuel your creativity
  • How to stop “hacking” everything (productivity, goal setting, time, your life…!) and what you can do instead
  • The real key to productivity and efficiency
  • How we put dams on the flow of ideas, possibilities, money
  • What following my intuition’s advice to write did for my business that was tremendously surprising
  • The best way to unleash your creative force and bypass the limitations of the mind
  • Where true performance and potential come from and how to access it
  • Why the “guru’s” formulas or step by step don’t guarantee success nor work for MOST people
  • How to stop looking outside of yourself for ideas or solutions and find your own source of inspiration
  • Why following someone’s advice might not be the way to go

Barb and I would love to hear from you:

  1. What are your biggest takeaways from this episode?
  2. What would you love for us to cover in a future episodes?

Send us a tweet I’m divineyoganista on twitter and Barb is Barb_Patterson.

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Caroline, XO


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