These days I’ve been sharing my process for intuitive & strategic business creation with the entrepreneurs in my VIP mastermind.

Whether I’m creating a brand new one-on-one or group coaching program, a VIP mastermind, an online course, a book or a video, my process always starts the same: by turning inward.

Sometimes I do a breathing exercise to get connected to my body or a meditation to allow the thoughts to float away.

However, connecting to intuition doesn’t require any “doing”.

It simply requires presence.

Intuition doesn’t live in the brain or in the thinking mind, but in a deeper space within.

You could call this space your intuitive heart. I call it the inner Goddess or the Divine Intelligence that flows through me. There are many ways to describe this space, but that connection and how you sense it will be unique to you.

Sometimes, for a quick connection, I just imagine that I’m dropping my consciousness away from my head into my intuitive heart.

It takes just a few seconds and I’m in the space where miracles happen.

So when I woke up this morning needing a ‘lil more clarity about a 1×1 coaching experience I’m creating for extraordinary women entrepreneurs, I turned away from my computer, closed my eyes and tuned in.

Then I did what my inner wisdom was calling me to do: picked up my favorite oracle card deck and asked for guidance.

As soon as I flipped the cards I knew exactly where I was going with my 1×1 coaching program and what I should focus on…

I immediately followed this flow of inspiration and took massive inspired action: I wrote the copy for my new offering, shot a video and now I’m almost ready to send the invites to what will be an incredibly powerful & transformative The Intuitive Business Strategy Intensive.

What if creating a successful business was that simple?



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