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This is how quickly we can go from fresh new possibilities to full-blown sabotage mode.

You get a phenomenal idea, you’re presented with an incredible opportunity, you feel inspired to launch a new project. You say “I’M IN,” feeling hopeful for the future and confident that you have what it takes to create magnificent results.

Your outlook is positive, you’re excited. “Bring it on!” you say.

Then, a little thought sneaks in and makes you question your decision, question your capabilities, questions your confidence, question if it was really good idea in the first place

Next thing you know, the idea has lost ALL POTENTIALITY.

You drop the ball, say “Fuck it, I don’t need this. I already have all this training, knowledge and experience. I don’t need help or guidance; that’s for wussies. I’m not gonna learn anything new anyway, and I probably won’t follow through since I’ve been know to do that in the past.”

So what just happened here?

You’ve stopped yourself before you even started.

And you go back to life as usual.

Except that life as usual the comfort zone, the false sense of security, the illusion of control is a ghostland. It’s a place where great ideas come to die.

True story…

I caught myself this week getting into a sabotaging state of mind.

I was about to confirm my photoshoot with this cool Cuban photographer who had arranged a really fun day of shooting in Havana when a little trickster called THE EGO MIND started to get all pissy at the up-leveling that was about to happen…

And I started to doubt myself.

“What if he doesn’t deliver?”

“What if the photos are awful?”

“What if I look like a whale?”

“I don’t have the right outfits!”

“What if it’s a total waste of time and money?” NOT SEEING THAT I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS ABOUT TO WASTE A ONE-OF-A-KIND OPPORTUNITY.)

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I heard myself say. “You’re about to ruin this GREAT THING you’ve been planning for months!”

And I could feel it, too you know that pinch in the pit of your stomach that tells you when you’re about to make a mistake a mistake you’ll regret and that, if you DON’T DO THIS THING THAT SCARES YOU, YOU’RE A COWARD, AND STOP THAT SHIT ALREADY.

But I caught it JUST IN TIME.

I pressed the BUY BUTTON and decided to put myself in the capable hands of this cute Cuban photographer. I decided to stop trying to control everything and to just go with the flow…

Now, how cool is that? This ability that we have as human beings to see the different states of mind at play in our everyday lives? To SEE that a noisy thinking mind is an UNTRUSTWORTHY MIND and to choose wisdom instead?

That’s how powerful we are; we have the capacity to step out of drama and step back into the field of infinite possibility.

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Caroline, XO


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