The Habits Of Highly Successful Women — Part 4

So far we’ve talked about the power of Presence, deep listening and intuition. This week we’re talking about the power of focus.

Focus is a damn good thing.

Without focus, your attention is dissipated and finishing a task can take longer than it needs to.

If you’re lacking focus do not despair, focus is a muscle that can be strengthened.

How? By practicing deep listening and the art of presence.

You can also set yourself up in a way that enables you to be more focused.

Here’s a few tips:

–> Stop multi-tasking! Do one thing at a time and bring your full attention to the task at hand. Be fully present.

–> Close all distractions. Check your emails once or twice a day and close your inbox or email tab in between. Other time wasting distractions include Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms that will really only make you money once you have a clear marketing plan.

–> Put your phone, Skype and any other texting devices on mute.

–> Dedicate a block of time for a specific task and finish it. Resist the urge to take a “break” and take a peek a said Social Media as this will only break your focus and make it harder for you to get back in the zone.

Being fully present will bring you powerful focus and as a result, you’ll be much more productive.

You may even be amazed at how time stood still, how much you’ve accomplished and how brilliant you are when you’re in the creative flow.


Because you are brilliant, my Love.

So here’s your exploration for this week:

❤ What do you need to do to be more focused? Do it.

❤ What systems do you need to put in place to be more focused and productive?

❤ If you were singularly focused in your tasks: how would that impact your family, your business, your career?

Feel free to write your answers in a journal, discuss with a friend or with your mastermind.

To focus and kicking ass in business and in life,




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