Just came back from a rejuvenating trip to SoCal where the theme was sun, sea and laughter with my good friend, Claire.

Although this trip was initially supposed to be a business pow wow (aka intuitive brainstorming to create quantum leaps in our business this year), we instead opted to go with the flow and let life guide us.

As we enjoyed daily walks & yoga on the beach, champagne cocktails & haute cuisine, a theme slowly emerged…

For a whooole week life invited us to practice the Art of Asking & Receiving.

Our only guidelines?

Make a clear request, let go of attachment and open up to receive.

What unfolded was nothing short of miraculous and often hilarious. (The Universe does indeed have a sense of humour.)

The miracles we manifested ranged from small (2 cold bottles of water on a deserted beach) to magnificent (an unexpected invitation to stay a night in this luxurious hotel).

As we playfully made bolder and bolder requests, we realized that there is an interesting “magical” formula that can affect the success rate of any request in business AND in life.

This “magical” formula does not ensure that you’ll always get a “yes” but it does increase your odds dramatically.

If you’re having a hard time converting fans into paying clients, generating revenue, selling products or services, getting your business off the ground or you’re generally NOT getting what you want in life, you’ll want to learn the art of asking & receiving.

And because Claire and I think that we’re on to something with this asking thing (we created pure magic last week and have seen it work first hand), I’m thinking of creating a masterclass on the Art of Asking & Receiving.

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So if you’ve had enough of creating mediocre results, and you’re ready for a fresh new perspective on the art of the ask stay tuned, I will be hosting a masterclass on The Art of The Ask.

We see SO MANY women entrepreneurs NOT asking for what they want or what they need, and as a result they are FAILING in business and in creating a great life.

They are settling for less, afraid to really go for their dreams, and I’m here to put a stop to that. :)))


PS: I can pretty much guarantee you that what we’ll be talking about in this masterclass is NOT what you think. The art of asking & receiving that I’m taking about has NOTHING to do with the law of attraction, it’s dramatically different.



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