The #1 objection that comes up when selling a coaching program

The #1 objection that comes up when selling a program, coaching package or service is pretty much always about the cost of the investment.

Paying for a root canal is pricy (and a pain in the ass), but it’s a necessity. So chewing over the price won’t do any good; you gotta get it done and get it done pronto.

Getting your credit card out to invest in coaching —  especially when you’re about to make a leap  that feels scary, exciting and slightly uncomfortable . . . now, that’s a whole other ball game, because that’s when your little ego mind is going to do errrrthing it can to stop you from making the leap.

Oh, it has aaaaaall kiiiiiinds of great excuses like “I don’t really need this” or “I’m probably not gonna learn anything new” or “I’m gonna drop the ball midway anyway, why even start” or “I’m too busy” or “there’s so much going on right now” or “my kids need [NAME ALL OF THE THINGS].”

Cause that’s what the lil’ know-it-all-smart-ass-voice in our head does. It stops us before we have even given ourselves a chance.

But, if you’re considering making an investment in yourself or your business, you gotta ask yourself the right question, like, “What will be the ROI on this thing?”
Or, most importantly…


Am I willing to show up fully even if it’s scary, to stop waiting for the right time, to get in the game, to stop putting other people first and to GO FOR IT?

Investing in yourself can absolutely bring you a good ROI, but you need to DECIDE that YES, this is YOUR TIME and to set a clear goal or intention. The rest is about taking consistent action, and then, you’re off to the races.

If you’re thinking of investing in Launch & Prosper (Small Group Program), you should ABSOLUTELY set a goal to LAUNCH & PROSPER.

Here’s a clear example: 

The beta price for the program is $997USD so you could set a goal to make your money back 3-fold, 10-fold, 100-fold —  it’s up to you.

This is actually what we’re going to do on our first group call this coming Monday, we’re going to set a specific MEASURABLE GOAL (like a revenue goal or a specific amount of people you want to add to your list or your client roster), and, for 3 beautiful months, we’ll take consistent, creative, fun and powerfully focused action towards reaching that goal.

Of course, there’s more to Launch & Prosper like learning to use your business intuition in a  way that’s both practical AND yields results, getting support from a master coach that has 15+ years as a successful offline + online entrepreneur, and implementing simple yet effective launch strategies that stimulate your creativity and bring a new (or several?) streams of income in your business.

If you’re considering joining us, ask yourself: what would be a good ROI on this thing?


What would be AMAZING?

What we set our minds to, we can absolutely create.

Caroline, xo


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