What is Three Principles Coaching and what is a 3P Coach?


It’s interesting I should even be writing about this question — “What is Three Principles Coaching and what is a 3P Coach” — because I don’t like to peg or attach myself to one particular line of thinking or to a specific title.

More representative of who I am as a coach would be to say that I’m…

… An entrepreneur at heart with multiple businesses under my belt. I naturally gravitate toward working with entrepreneurs, especially those who are innovative, want to disrupt the status quo, are unapologetic about making money and want to impact the world positively.

… An Intuitive Business Coach because intuition has always been part of my life, and it makes so much sense to use this incredibly accurate and practical ally as we build our businesses.

… An Online Business Consultant, because most of the clients who come to me want to build a freedom-based business so that, like me, they can work anywhere, anytime, on their laptop, from the comfort of their home office or in person at the location of their choice wherever that may be in the world.

… A Business Strategist, because I geek out on funnels, marketing, social media, branding, creating value-based content, FB ads, launching books, programs, online courses and using the amazing tools we now have at our disposal to bring our work out into the world.

…An Epicurean Coach, because I love fashion, plant-based cuisine and organic wines, nature, travel and everything eco-chic. I like to incorporate all these aspects in my brand. But most of all, the epicurean side of me believes that building a business should be fun, that it doesn’t have to be about hustle or sacrifice and that your business should be built AROUND your ideal lifestyle.

And most importantly…

… A Transformative Coach, because the magic really happens when my clients WAKE UP their own inner CEO™ and realize that the resources they need to succeed are within.


But I’m often asked, “What is Three Principles Coaching?” and even though I don’t call myself a 3P coach or a Three Principles Practitioner (because those terms don’t mean anything unless you’ve actually heard about The Three Principles), I do coach from that grounding. So I wanted to give you a bit of a glimpse of what “3P coaching” means to me.


And the best way to do that is to tell you a bit of my entrepreneurial journey and how I came across these Principles…

Let’s go back to a time when I launched my second business: Yoga-à-Porter™.

caroline-frenette-intuitive-business-coach-3p-coaching-business-strategyYoga-à-Porter™ was a yoga apparel that I designed and manufactured locally in Montreal.

Through our retail stores and yoga studio, we built a tribe of loyal clients and a beautiful community of yoginis who enjoyed our classes as well as our eco-conscious yoga-wear collections.

We hosted events to highlight members of our wellness community and dedicated our Sunday yoga classes to raising money for our favorite charities.

We worked hard, and we were having fun.

Yet I remember the day we hit the million dollar mark. We’d been in business for a few years, and things were going well, but instead of feeling a sense of achievement, I felt stressed.

In my everyday life, I found myself operating from states of joy and excitement but also high levels of stress, anxiety, and worry. I worried a lot, and my favorite time to worry was right when insomnia would hit and keep me awake thinking of worst-case scenarios. The rollercoaster of emotions and the lack of quality sleep were taking a toll on my body and relationships.

Even though, on the surface, it looked like we were successful, deep down I knew something had to change. Running a business on overdrive wasn’t sustainable. And I knew that, for my life to change, I had to change — but I didn’t know how…. Which is when I hired my first coach.


The first coach I ever worked with was a brilliant French guy who was trained in NLP. During our time together, which was about 6 months, I felt a massive shift. The feeling of life being “out of control” was replaced with a sense of inner power, confidence, and strength.


NLP taught me how to change my outlook on life so that I could change how I went about life. It taught me how to get into manufactured states of power so that I could become a powerful woman. I awakened my inner warrior (and boy, was she on a mission!) and took charge of getting my life “back on track” — which I did, full force.

During that time, I made bold changes in my business and achieved goals that had previously looked impossible. I was on fire, and I felt unstoppable. But I was still operating on overdrive….

Meanwhile, these phenomenal results achieved through coaching ignited an interest in becoming a coach myself. With the proper training, I could help my team perform better and, therefore, increase our sales. So, it seemed only natural to enroll in a Master Intuitive Coach© certification where I could blend intuitive work with coaching.

As a Master Intuitive Coach©, I learned tools and techniques that would quickly and effectively move my clients from negative to positive states of empowerment, from confusion to clarity, and from stuckness to momentum.

A surprising twist in the inner work that comes from doing a coach training was a realization that it was time for me to let go of my retail businesses and to transition into the freedom-based lifestyle I was deeply craving. It was time to regain my freedom and to break free of the shackles that my retail business represented.


Through intuitive coaching, I achieved again something that had looked impossible: I got out of a $150,000 lease and said goodbye to a lifelong dream that no longer served me. I launched my online coaching practice and never looked back.


And just like that, I stepped into a brand new life…

Fast-forward a few years, and the techniques I’d learned as a Master Intuitive Coach© were helping my clients reach their goals and transform on a deep level, and my coaching practice was thriving.

Then, one day, I heard Michael Neill talk about The Three Principles on his radio show. It sounded so different from the usual self-help stuff I was used to that it really intrigued me….

After 20+ years of studying spiritual psychology and diving deep into personal development, it was clear to me that the inside-out understanding of the Principles suggested a drastically different view of human experience, one that proposed that we didn’t constantly need to work on our mindset to have a better life.


Curiosity got the better of me. I enrolled in Supercoach Academy in 2014, then again for the advanced track in 2016, and the understanding of The Three Principles started to seep into my consciousness and my work.


Without actually working on myself, I let go of long-held beliefs, stress, anxiety and overwhelm. My usual worry and fears were replaced by a sense of innate wellbeing.

My morning routine of yoga, meditation, and journaling — all things I believed I needed to do to set up for a successful day — was replaced by spaciousness. I no longer needed to force myself to “think positive,” which was EXHAUSTING. I was living in a natural state of well-being more of the time, no “work” required.

Imagine how my scheduled freed up! All this space to actually enjoy life!

Slowly, my work with clients evolved. I didn’t feel the need to use techniques to help them change their mood or behavior — plus, it became way more useful to have my clients understand how state of mind is created rather than working on improving it.

As a result of understanding where their human experience is coming from (the interplay of Thought, Mind, and Consciousness), my clients navigate the currents of entrepreneurship more gracefully. They’re able to access higher levels of productivity and creativity and to reach goals that previously seemed unattainable.

They dare to put themselves “out there” in a more significant way, to make bold asks and bold moves. Their relationship to risk transforms, and what once looked impossible is now within the realm of the possible.


My clients often say that I simplify life, that I lighten their load, significantly decrease what’s on their to-do list and make the business-building process more effortless.


So what is “3P Coaching”? For me, a Three Principles approach to coaching means pointing my clients back to their own inner wisdom, to their connection to divine intelligence. I love that this can be a conversation about the 3Ps or about life, about making money, launching a new program, writing a book, crafting a TEDx talk or creating clients. In fact, the real “test” is to see the Principles at play as we are fully engaged in life, in a project that’s near and dear to our hearts or in the creation of a profitable business.

You can also learn more about my journey and why I shifted to what I call Principles inspired Business Coaching or read what my clients say about the impact of intuitive business coaching & online business consulting.

Take a look at the different coaching programs I have for you, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Caroline, XO

 Caroline helped me find my grounding and see myself, my business and my life with fresh eyes.  I wanted to give my business a solid foundation, rooted in my heart and strategically positioned in the market so as to set myself up for success from the beginning, and that’s exactly what Caroline has delivered.

An experience above and beyond anything I could have imagined!

— Lainey Prendeville Crawford, Creative Coach & Voice Liberator at laineycrawford.com

 One of my massive breakthroughs was realizing that I do not fit “neat and tidy” into any group or circle, and that I’m likely going to disappoint people in every direction and it’s ok. I’m no longer going to do my business or my life according to the perceived expectations of my religious upbringing, my family, my friends, the 3P world, or my many mentors. I have gold to share, and I am going to share my gold my way, and with far more ease and freedom because I am no longer concerned about trying to please people.

And this is only a fraction of the clarity, confidence and insight I gained during our three months together…

Melanee Evans — Mindfulness Coach for Mothers & Children

One of the thing I loved most was Caroline’s intuitive explorations, they helped me gain insight and clarity about myself, my projects and my business.

I wouldn’t have launched Radical Abundance if I hadn’t enrolled in Launch & Prosper, it was the nudge I needed to take the leap!

I’ve done online classes in the past, yet nothing with the kind of reach that I achieved after taking Launch and Prosper. I’m so grateful that I took the program.

Caroline helped me get focused, and orient my attention in one direction instead of a dozen different directions.

As I write this, I’m successfully teaching Radical Abundance to a group of happy students! I’m so thankful!

Kathy Jones Williams — Author & Creator Radical Abundance meetkathywilliams.com

One of the biggest shift for me in doing Launch & Prosper was getting really clear on who I want to serve and creating services for a target market that feels just right for me. Having a specific group of people I want to connect with makes it much easier to create content!

I’ve opened to new possibilities such as collaborating with peers, hosting local events and being known as the ‘go to’ person in my local community for conscious parenting and conscious living.

Being part of mastermind was a fantastic experience. I feel somehow humbled and more open to receive support rather than wanting to take care of everything myself. — Karolina Gladych, Transformative Coach & Retreat Leader karolinagladych.com

One of my biggest takeaway from the doing her program was getting a clearer understanding of who my true audience is — Busy Working Parents — which turns out, is an ideal market considering the insights I’ve had in my own life as a busy working parent and the unique expertise I bring to the plate.

I’ve also done a complete rebrand of my website and re-designed my offerings to better serve my new target audience. And surprisingly, I started to communicate my message in a brand new way: using Facebook as my platform and doing FB lives, which I had never done before!

I also see new possibilities for my business from running 1-1 coaching packages and workshops for busy working parents, collaborating with peers to do talks with parents and Podcasts to spread the inside out understanding for parenting. I see myself doing more writing for other like-minded businesses and turn my blogs into a book for parents.”

— Kate Adey, Leadership and Transformation Coach for Busy Working Parents kateadey.co.uk


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