{PODCAST #3} Gain A Fresh Perspective On The Sales Conversation With Sara Murre

Today my guest is Sara Lewis Murre, a fellow Supercoach, a friend, a successful writer and the Director of Community Engagement for Supercoach Academy.

My conversation with Sara triggered some MAJOR insights and I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say about not needing ANY specific training in order to develop a new skill, that ultimately it’s about opening to Divine Intelligence.

In this podcast episode Sara and I talk about…

→ How she went from being a successful fiction writer to helping other writers get unstuck and get in tune with the creative flow;

→ How to get out of the way and let the Divine Mind flow through us to create AMAZING results;

→ You don’t necessarily need talent in a specific area or field if you know how to connect with Universal Mind;

→ How Sara sees the sales process as an inside-out creative process;

→ The key to enrolling clients. HINT:  it’s much simpler than we think and it doesn’t involve a script <– let’s BAN THOSE, shall we?

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Caroline, xo

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