You know what the #1 killer of possibilities is?


That’s it.


And you know what the difference is between the entrepreneurs who get in the game (and succeed) vs. those who sit on the sidelines (and lose by default)?

The successful entrepreneurs DON’T LISTEN TO UNTRUSTWORTHY THINKING, or at least they ignore it and keep marching on.

Allowing overthinking (a.k.a. the noisy chatter of the mind) to boss you around is the surest way to fail —

Fail to launch your own programs
Fail to launch your own business
Fail to reach your goals
Fail to make the changes that are calling your Soul
Fail to launch your book
Fail to take action because you “don’t know how” or “it looks hard” or “too complicated”
Fail to keep going long enough to see that beautiful creation of yours be birthed into the world

Overthinking tramples the still small voice that says “you can do this” and stops you dead in your tracks. And when it wins, it says “I told you so!” Because that voice is always right, isn’t it?

So what’s an overthinker to do?

First, you could recognize that this is a trick of the mind — and a damn good one at that.  

It’s a trick of the mind designed to take you down a rabbit hole and stop you going for your dreams.

What will get you out of this rabbit hole or, even better, prevent you from getting caught up in the first place, is to SEE what’s actually happening here: Thought in the moment is creating a shit storm your head, and, instead of retreating to the still place within, you get caught up, arms flailing, hair wild and a mad look on your face.

“Woooooooweeeeeee,” you scream, until you fall flat on your ass, EXHAUSTED by the rollercoaster ride.

But here’s the thing: you don’t NEED to get caught up in untrustworthy thinking. You can learn to trust your inner wisdom and to CHOOSE, to REFUSE to act on or make any decisions from an untrustworthy state of mind.

“So wait, hold on a minute, Caroline,” you say. “How do I know which thoughts are untrustworthy and which are meant to PROTECT ME?!”

Simple: anything even remotely close to being noisy is untrustworthy.

How do I define noisy?

I get a headache just listening to myself.
I doubt myself.
I bore myself to tears with the same old, same old thoughts.
I feel overwhelmed, or fearful, or anxious.
I’m not clear.
I’m judgmental, resistant, angry.
I think I know it all.

But then, I remember… “Aaaaah, you sneaky lil’ ego mind…Nice try, but no.”

This realisation — this moment of awakening from the illusion — is powerful because it’ll snap you out of it instantly. Kinda like realising you were caught up in a bad movie, created by your own mind, but that you are NOT the actor in the movie; you are the director, you just forgot.

Once you see that, you step behind the camera — a place of fresh new possibilities — where you see the real magic at play here: that Thought, Divine Mind & Consciousness are constantly creating your reality.

This is what The Three Principles are about: it’s about understanding WHAT’S ACTUALLY GOING ON HERE or, more specifically, seeing how you’re stopping yourself.

These kinds of insights are so powerful that you won’t actually NEED to do mindset work; no need to work on changing your beliefs, transforming your fears, yada yada yada… because, once you know that it’s ALL thought in the moment, you get back behind the camera, and you’ll see that a fresh new scenario can be created (without any effort or force, I might add) at any given time.

Caroline, XO

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