The Caroline Frenette Show Episode #6 Saying Yes To Life: Where’s Did My Wisdom Go?

In this episode I share an unpleasant situation with my neighbors that triggered a smack down from life and got to learn a powerful lesson about wisdom in the process.

I debated (for about 5 seconds) if I should upload this episode but since I made a promise to myself to keep this show real (and raw), I thought f#$* it, I’m just gonna go for it.

Lessons from this show:

#1 Less thinking = more freedom

The less we care what people think the more real and authentic we get to be. So I’m posting this episode even if it shows me in a less than beautiful light. #human

#2 We live in the feeling of our thinking

If this show (or what I talk about in this show) pisses you off in some way or you find yourself judging me, the only one paying the price for your judgement is you.

When we judge others, we’re really only judging yourself.

#3 Finding inner peace and wisdom in a “thought storm” is hard but not impossible.

Learning about the inside-out understanding of the Three Principles is helping me get out of thought storms more quickly. #thereishope

#4 We always have access to our inner wisdom, even when it doesn’t look like we do.

This is the call to mastery:

To “see” our thinking in the middle of a difficult, emotionally charged situation.

To realize that consciousness is the magician that makes our thinking (or a specific situation) look real. (It’s not.)

And to become better at listening to the whispers of wisdom as we’re in the midst of a battle with the ego mind that wants to fight, be right, and doesn’t want to listen to another’s point of view.


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