In This Episode Of The Caroline Frenette Show

In this episode Dominic and I talk about:

→ How trying to figure out his niche isn’t always helpful and what he did instead that enabled him to create clients right away;

→ How to let go of what the business NEEDS to look like, how to open up to new possibilities, allowing what wants to unfold and developing the capacity to see what’s already right in front of us;

→ Breaking the rules (and not listening to what people say you “should” do) is a great way to stand out from the crowd;

→ Getting advice is great, but listening to your own inner wisdom is better;

→ Following other people’s steps and formulas is NOT a sure way to success in fact, it won’t work if you ignore your intuition and force yourself to do something that doesn’t feel right to you;

→ How you feel about your bank balance has nothing to do with the bank balance itself and EVERYTHING to do with your thinking;

→ I also share a personal story of feeling stuck in my business last Fall and how an insight showed me a brand new path

→ There’s no such things as “real” problems, it can only be a state of mind “problem”

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Caroline, XO

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Absolutely wonderful….. I have learned so much! Obsessed with this podcasts. Keep them coming Caroline!!! — Connie Creech

She’s wise, spiritual and down to earth, a great combination! — Simone/Mosine

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