{PODCAST} #29 Setting Goals With Your Inner CEO

Key questions to get started on your goals:

  1. If I could wave a magic wand, and your could do or create absolutely anything in 2017 IF ANYTHING WAS POSSIBLE, what would you love to see come to life?
  2. What is the ONE thing that you need to focus on in 2017 in order to create this?
  3. Break it down into 2 or 3 priorities
  4. If you were to break down these priorities into manageable chunks

Bonus questions to explore that will give you more clarity on fun goals:

What do you need to delegate?

What kind of help will you need?  

Who do you need to hire?

What changes in your daily life do you need to make?

Who do you need to be to create this?

Do you need to step up your game?  Stop procrastinating? Hire a coach?  Work with a mentor? Invest in courses or training?

Do you need to stop chasing the next shiny thing, block out all the distractions and get to work?

Step into a higher level of leadership?

These questions are meant to start an enquiry, to bring into the light what your intuition, your inner CEO has probably been showing you for the longest time but your little mind was pushing it away because it didn’t make sense.

So understanding state of mind, the nature of Thought, Mind and Consciousness -the Three Principles that I talk about on the show- is where you’ll develop a greater capacity for creativity, insights and open up more to your pure, unlimited potentiality.

Check out the links for more on how to create a magnetic vision and key podcast episodes on The Three Principles,

Caroline, XO


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