An intuitive way to creating clients

In this virtual workshop you’ll learn how to create clients by tapping into your intuition first, and THEN, taking inspired action.

This is an intuitive approach to business growth, it is definitely NOT a step by step system that constricts your creativity and unique voice.

This live workshop is an invitation to step out of the limited, fearful mind and to step into the world of the inner Goddess. If there’s a wise, infinitely abundant part of you who KNOWS how to create clients, it’s your inner Goddess.

In this live 90 minute call you’ll:

  • Be guided through a powerful intuitive process so you can understand the energetics behind creating clients.
  • You will see your future clients, what she’s up to, why she needs your help and how you can communicate your services & offerings in a way that she’ll want to buy from you.
  • This live call is workshop style: you’ll implement what you’ll learn right away so bring pen + paper. (I suggest not taking notes on your computer so you can stay focused and in the intuitive flow.) You’ll leave the workshop with clear ideas of what to do next to create those yummy clients. You will have seen her in your vision, and you’ll have to follow through by taking inspired actions.
  • We’ll wrap up the call with a Q&A period so that you feel 100% confident on your next steps to create clients.

The principles, techniques + tools you’ll learn in this call can be use for different areas of business building like gathering information to create a new product or service and gaining clarity on the next steps you need to take to grow your business.

For more information and to reserve your spot, click here:

Caroline, XO

PS: Can’t make it live?  You’ll be sent a recording 24 hours following the worksop.  Register here.