The Power of Deep Listening

Listening without anything on your mind is a practice, one that becomes easier when you understand the nature of Thought. One that is also practiced by highly successful women.

Deep listening (or listening without anything on your mind) means that you allow spaciousness in your head, that you’re aware of your thinking yet you are not attached to it.

Deep listening is intrinsically linked to Presence. When we listen without anything on our mind we’re fully present.

Listening without anything on your mind is a powerful thing. It can diffuse heated conversations and create the space for someone to be truly heard.

I often ask my clients: “How are you showing up in your daily life? How much do you have on your mind at any given moment? How do you listen to the magic of life, to intuition, to Universal Mind?”

You cannot hear intuition or receive new information that will help you in your life and biz if the level of noise in your head is constant and dizzying.

You’ll also most likely NOT create anything new (like that big juicy goal you have) if you keep looking for information in your ‘lil mind.

Your ‘lil mind (your brain) stores memories, past experiences, beliefs, convictions and stories (lot’s of stories with lot’s of meaning) and so on…

But fresh new insights don’t come from the ‘lil mind.

Insights, genius ideas, inspirations, a-has come from the Big Mind also called Universal Mind.

(Interchange the word Universal Mind with God, Goddess, Source, Infinite Potentiality, Divine Intelligence or Life. It’s up to you.)

And to have fresh new insights? You need to listen without anything on your mind.

Here’s your exploration for this week:

  • What does deep listening mean to you? How does it feel?
  • If you were to practice deep listening: what would life say to you right now?
  • If you were to listen deeply, without anything on your mind, what would your intuition say about a situation/question/challenge?
  • Where do you look for fresh new ideas, inspirations, insights? Do you look in your ‘lil mind or Universal Mind?

Next, we’re going to talk about the Power of Intuition and how it can help you create more effortlessly in every area of your life.

But for now, cheers to the magic of deep listening,





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