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{TCFS #55} The One Thing That Will Really Impact Your Business 

Do you ever find yourself lacking a bit of clarity on what you should be focusing on in your business? Do you ever get caught up in tasks that keep you busy but in the end don’t really impact your bottom line all that much? Or do you ever find yourself excited about a project yet suddenly lose motivation and drop everything?

To be honest, I sometimes still struggle with being super focused on the tasks that will really impact my business and I’ve been known to procrastinate taking on the BIG projects that will really be a game changer for me and my biz.

But I decided that 2018 was the year I’d get the help I need so that I could spend my precious time on what I do best: creating phenomenal content + training, writing my book and coaching my amazing clients.

In order for my intentions to stick, however, I have to be brutally honest with myself and really aware of any thought-created patterns that could throw me off my game.

And because I believe — and know without a shadow of a doubt —  that everything is created from the inside-out, I know that in order for me to “up my game” I must first hold a higher level of leadership within myself.

And this is what episode #55 is all about: exploring how we think and use business building strategies, how we plan in our business and set goals, BUT MOST OF ALL, this episode of The Caroline Frenette Show is an invitation to go beyond what we think we need to be successful and to look deeper at the true source of success: HOW WE SHOW UP.

Our inner game.

And this, is a state of mind conversation. It’s an invitation to be uber mindful and aware of the energy we bring to ANYTHING we do. It’s an invitation to see how clarity of mind is the key to accessing our creative potential and incredible levels of productivity in our everyday life.

We discussed this very topic in my Launch & Prosper group and I was told that it was very helpful, so I hope that this podcast episode is helpful for you as well.

If, after you’ve listened, you find yourself needing to brainstorm ideas, getting clarity on your unique genius or wanting help in designing a simple yet effective + fluid strategic plan that ensures you hit your target this year, you can book a 2-hour Strategy Session with me by clicking here

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“This podcast is spot on. So much advice that is touted in the business world is aimed in the wrong direction. This podcast points to a deeper understanding of life and business that is sure to be helpful to the listener. I adore Caroline’s accent as well.” — Leap Coach Kim


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