TCFS #43 Creating Online Courses That Truly Deliver Value For Your Students With Lindsay Padilla

Today’s topic is all about creating online courses that rock the socks off your students and ensures that they get the most out of their money AND their experience.

I invited Lindsay on The Caroline Frenette Show because she has a strong background teaching, she’s an innovator that doesn’t settle for mediocre and like me, wants to RAISE THE BAR in the online world.

So I today’s episode we cover:

  1. How to delight your students (and clients) with an impeccable learning journey
  2. How to make sure you provide content that will really impact your students
  3. The best way to test your online course BEFORE a big launch
  4. The new gold standards in online classes
  5. Pricing and what what SHOULD be included for the price
  6. Refunds policies, guarantees and how to make sure your students are happy AND make the best of their investment

Caroline, XO


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I must say what a pleasure it is to listen to someone who speaks of integrity in business. Not the usual hype and nonsense I’m used to hearing. Look forward to listening more. Thanks Caroline! — RayKToronto

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