Here’s the deal:

There are reasons why your manifestations (booking clients, increasing your sales, selling your products, booking the gigs, getting a publishing deal…) aren’t showing up in your life & business.

Let’s talk about a few…

Reason #1

You’re very good at gaining momentum by aligning your thoughts and taking a few actions, BUT you keep getting distracted by other things (fears, procrastination, lack of commitment, the boyfriend, facebook) and so you never create any traction.

And when you don’t have traction, your big genius ideas can’t come to fruition. You don’t finish what you start (or you keep starting something new again and again.)

Or maybe you’re doubting yourself so much that you keep rewriting your work/services over again, or brainstorming new ideas
over and over.

It’s like putting the kettle on to boil water, except you keep taking it off the freakin’ stove: it won’t boil and you won’t be drinking your coffee any time soon, darling.

Reason #2

We’ve all got self-sabotaging inner-critics — but you haven’t figured out how to deal with them just yet.

Until you acknowledge them, face ‘em, bring them to the light, and learn to flip them and redirect their power (so they work for you, not against you), they’ll keep running the show backstage (unconsciously) and you’ll keep getting the same thing you’ve always gotten: mediocre results.

You can read books, you can chant affirmations, and you can hope and pray and get down on your knees and plead with the universe, but nothing will change until you face those inner-critics.

And to do that you need an expert: someone like me.

As an intuitive leadership Coach (who’s also a certified Master Intuitive Coach AND certified Transformative Coach) that’s what I’m trained to do: spot your inner-critics & get the (loving) whip out. *Whop-eesh*

Reason #3

You’re too busy staring with awe at the sun beams of others, who have gone before you, that you forget to step into your own damn sun beam.

There — I said it.

Yes, there are others who have experienced success.

Yes, you should learn from them.

But hell no, not gonna happen, never, ever ever…do you need to trail along behind in their shadows.

You are not shadow material.
You’re sun beam material.

You are not small.
You are not second rate.
You are not a “wannabe.”

You’re the next best thing — and it’s time you started treating yourself, and your business, like it.

It’s time to stop hiding backstage — and, instead, sashay onto stage, grab the mic, and start WORKING THE CROWD.

Because it’s the only way that anyone’s ever going to hear what you have to say — let alone believe it.

Caroline, XO


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