TCFS #1 Instantaneous Change With Kim Kase

In this podcast episode Kim and I talk about:

→ How learning the 3 Principles changed how we see the creative process and how it impacted both of our businesses;

→ Where stress comes from (hint, it’s not from your business or your busy-ness)

→ How to let go of pressure, stress and urgency in business building;

→ How drive and ambition can be a fantastic creative force but can also be destructive, and how to decipher if your drive is helping you succeed or if it’s hindering your success

→ How one powerful insight enabled me to let go of overwhelm FOREVER and become more productive than I’ve ever been;

→ Change doesn’t need to take time, it can happen in an instant.

→ You don’t have to maintain positive thinking or even control your thinking to achieve high levels of success. In fact, the magic is not in the thinking, it’s in the energy behind it;

→ How to hear wisdom and follow it to create better results in our business and life;

→ Urgency is NOT a trustworthy thought: don’t listen to it!

Enjoy this week’s episode and do’t forget to rate and review the show on iTunes!

Caroline, XO

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I love Caroline’s podcast. It always provides fresh, insightful perspectives on business and life. So grateful! — Kat Bars

“Very inspiring, love it! Perfect to help stay focused on life goals. Helps being in the state of mind needed to be successful. A super show!“— Va Va Val

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