As I’m wrapping up a 6 weeks group coaching program with the delightful participants of The Summer of Abundance, I’m taking a pause to rest and rejuvenate.

The tendency for me is to always be doing/moving/creating/birthing something new in my biz.  (My astrologer says I can be “overly ambitious”.  I don’t know what he means…)

So in order to slow down + tune in, I’ve been asking this question:

What wants to happen next?

Well, besides the rebranding of my website and dedicating time to write my book, I’m feeling called to create a unique Transformative Coaching Experience for phenomenal women entrepreneurs who want to unleash their full creative potential, break through the noise and bring their work out into the world in a BIGGER way.

I’m ironing out the details of this brand new coaching experience but meanwhile, if you’d like to know how you can work with me this Fall, you can do so by filling out this application.

What wants to happen next for you this Fall,?

Are you willing to listen to your inner CEO, trust her guidance and follow it?

Warm hugs,

Caroline, XO

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