The Caroline Frenette Show Episode #7 Showing Up To Life In Real Time

If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur who’s been pushing, striving, driving hard (and fast), and constantly working on yourself and your mindset so that you have the success you desire, you “get it done,” yet your “to-do” list doesn’t get any smaller – if you’re feeling burnt out, tired, drained – if your body is constantly operating on adrenaline, and you’re starting to realise that maybe there’s a better way to go about creating a successful business – this episode is for you.

In this podcast episode, Barb & I talk about…

→ How overwhelm, drive and ambition usually come with a (high) price and how to, instead, create amazing results WITHOUT this constant pushing;

→ What the Three Principles have to do with creating a business, money or anything your desire for that matter

→ How to access your super-productivity (HINT: It’s not about overworking yourself to death, time management, or having a better mindset or better tools and systems; it’s about tapping into the energy of life, and we’ll show you how to do just that.); and

→ How modelling what other successful people are doing MAY NOT be the right thing for you to do (In fact, it may be constricting + limiting your true potential, your authentic voice and your creative flow).

→ I also share a true story of how an insight TOTALLY freed me from overwhelm and how, as a result, I became SUPER productive and got 3 months of work done in 2 WEEKS!!! My mastermind at the time was witness to this and couldn’t believe what I had gotten done in such a short amount of time.

This conversation with Barb triggered a bunch of new insights for me, and I know that, if you listen without anything on your mind, you’ll also get some powerful, life-changing insights.


Caroline, xo

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