Welcome to another episode of The Caroline Frenette Show: Christine Heath How To Listen to Wisdom, Seize Opportunities & Create Leaps in Your Business

In today’s episode my guest Christine Heath and I talk about how to listen to wisdom to spot + seize opportunities & create leaps in your business.

Christine has built several successful businesses and I’m super happy to talk business building with her because her approach is DRASTICALLY different than what most people teach in B-School, so bring an open mind and be prepared to have fresh new insights about new creative ways to make more money, grow your business, create leaps in your life and have way more fun doing it!

We’re also diving into:

→ How Christine doesn’t plan ahead of time, she responds to what shows up

→ We never know how we are impacting people’s life so if you feel like giving up, KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING EVEN YOU FEEL NO ONE IS LISTENING

→ How to “listen” for inner knowing and NOT if it’s a good idea. (This is a trap, Christine will explain why.)

You can’t think your way into something new, new ideas don’t come from the brain or the thinking mind, and where to look instead

You’re wisdom can use your memory, but your memory can not conjure wisdom

→ We never truly know if an idea is good or will be successful, what to look for instead as guidance

→ What I tell myself when I feel stuck so I can shift quickly

→ The fastest way to get out of a plateau or out of “stuckness”

→ You don’t have to trust intuition when you ARE intuition. (If you have to trust it, you’re still thinking about it, you’re not INtuiting.)

→ How to give yourself a true competitive edge as an entrepreneur

Enjoy today’s episode and feel free to connect with me on social media to tell me about your biggest takeaways!

Caroline, xo


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