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This September, I’m going to be starting a brand new segment of The Caroline Frenette Show, and this segment will feature YOU and your business!

I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to call this segment yet…

Coaching With Caroline? (Boring.)

The Transformative Sessions? (Maybe…)

Live Coaching Friday? (Feels like a Friday kind of segment.)

It’ll come to me when taking a walk with the Schnoodles…
In these special segments we’ll…

Introduce you and your business
Talk about something specific you’d like to get clarity on
Wrap up by plugging your project or business

There will be…

Tears of joy

There might even be a lil’ celebratory dancing… (Have you ever seen my abundance dance? It’s wild.) But since we won’t be shooting video (only MP3) no one will see us. It’ll be you & me, shaking our bootie, baby. (I love my job.)

For these live coaching sessions I’m looking for men and women who…

  • Are starting a brand new business
  • Have been in business for about a year, so are still in startup mode
  • Are seasoned entrepreneurs ready to level up
  • Have a clear business idea but don’t know where to start or what to focus on
  • Would like to change career or shake things up at work
  • Are working on a project that’s ready to launch
  • Have launched a project but it’s not gaining the traction they’d hope

This opportunity is perfect for you if…

You are willing to have a deep transformative coaching conversation
You are willing to speak from your truth and to hold nothing back
You are willing to bring an open mind and an open heart

If you’re not familiar with my work yet please read through my website, watch a few videos and listen to episodes of the podcast before you submit your name.

Then, if you think that you’re a good fit and you’d love to get coached on The Caroline Frenette Show, send me an email, and tell me:

  1. What you do
  2. What’s your business (include a link to your website)
  3. How long you’ve been in business and…
  4. What you’d like coaching on

If you’re a good fit for the show we’ll be in touch with you to set up quick Skype chat before your coaching session.

Speak soon,

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