This is a recording of our latest tele-jam recorded on 26/06/14 where I talked about the 3 Principles and “How To Awaken Your Inner Genius To Create A Thriving Business & Ideal Lifestyle”.

This free (and FUN) live training is geared for coaches, authors, speakers, healers, passionate entrepreneurs or ANYONE who want to learn how to unleash THEIR OWN INNER GENIUS to make a positive impact on the world AND make GREAT money doing it. Because let’s face it, if your business is NOT making money it’s not a business. And that sucks.

So if you’ve been struggling to find your voice, to authentically express your unique gifts + talents and figure out HOW THE HECK to create a profitable business doing what you love, then listen to this recording.

(If you’re looking for sales or marketing techniques, pre-written scripts or “proven formulas”, this call won’t give you that.)

My intention is to teach you how you can tap into YOUR OWN Inner Genius (your own creative intelligence) to create real results + abundance in your business and life, NOT copy what everybody else is doing out there. (Aren’t we sick of that any way?)


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I hope everybody is doing phenomenally well, and that you are having a glorious day…

Please take a comfortable seat. Make sure that you don’t have any distractions – close your email, close your Facebook page, and put your mobile phone on silent. Today’s content won’t be helpful to you unless you are fully present. Multi-tasking doesn’t work. I start all of my calls talking about the value presence and being fully present. Offer yourself this time to learn. (And, thank you for being here with me. It’s an honour to have you here.)

One of the things I like to do before we start, is to take a moment and to tune into ourselves. I’d like to invite you to close your eyes and tap into your breath for a moment. Breathing can be a very quick way to get grounded. Being present with the breath can bring you into your body, and bring you into the present moment. Let’s breathe together and take a moment to arrive.

Pay attention to your breathing. See if you are breathing more in the upper chest – and if that’s the case, bring your breathing into your belly. Start the breath in the belly, and allow it rise. Take really long inhalations, and really long exhalations. As you are breathing deeply, see if you can bring your attention, your consciousness, to the centre of your being. Whatever that means for you. Just imagine that your consciousness, your attention, is dropping away from your head, down into the centre of your being. For some people this means seating your attention at the heart centre. For others it means placing your attention to the root chakra. Do whatever feels good for you.

This is a way for us to drop away from the noise of the mind. You now might feel a little more grounded in your body. You can also make sure your legs are uncrossed and both feet are on the ground. Feel your body being supported by the chair. Just be here, now – fully present to the moment and to your breath.

Keeping your eyes closed, we are now going to move into our first exercise. Breathe deeply and stay grounded in that quiet space. Tune into yourself from this place. Pay attention to how much noise is in your head. What kind of thinking is going on in your mind? See if you can observe it from a distance, without getting back into the thinking. Try to “see” your thinking from a neutral place. Maybe you’ll notice that something has been occupying your mind for a while – so much so, that it has created stress in your body or an uncomfortable feeling.

See if you can just let it go. One of the things I love to ask myself whenever I’m ruminating on something – which happens a lot – is “how quickly can I let this go?” It brings some mindfulness to the situation, helping me pay attention to the thinking. And, it gives me permission me to just let it go.

As you’ll notice, we tend to live in the feeling of our thinking. We live IN our thinking. That’s how we create life and create our experience. This is a part of the human experience – it applies to all of us. Each and every one of us lives in the feeling of our thinking. Thoughts arise and then not long after a feeling will come up. This is good news when you are thinking happy thoughts, when your thoughts are on a higher level, when things are going well in life. But this is only our reality part of the time. For many of us, we live in stressful thinking for the majority of the time. We live in fearful thoughts, and we feel the fear.

We have crazy thinking, and then we feel it in our body. If we are not able to remain conscious of this pattern, then it becomes a loop. Over and over again we have the same thinking, and over and over again we have the same feelings. Eventually, this loop, when left unattended, will feel like a breakdown, will feel like burnout, being eternally stressed, become physically or mentally ill. All because we forget that thought is energy. Thought is not real – thought is an illusion.

In every moment, the formless is flowing through us – divine intelligence, inner genius, inner goddess, whatever you want to call it – and it’s materialized through thoughts. Consciousness is what makes it look real. Humans are walking around the planet creating a little movie of our experience, that is all made up of thinking. Statistically, we have 60,000 to 90,000 thoughts a day, and very few of these thoughts are new. Most of these thoughts are repeated thought loops. This is why you can have two people, standing side by side, witnessing the same event, and it will look very different to each of them. The basic experience can be the same, but individually, we make up stories about it (sometimes good, sometimes bad) and it colours the events with our thinking. We see life through the eyes of our thinking.

I wanted to start the call by talking about this – this is the Three Principles. The Three Principles are, Thought, Consciousness and Mind, and they apply to everyone.

Whenever you jump on a call with me, read one of my blogs posts, or check out one of my videos, you’ll notice that I’m going to be talking more and more about the 3 Principles, because the 3 Principles apply whether you know about it or not. So, you might as well know about it, right?

The 3 Principles are an understanding, they are not a tool. However, I like to play with exercises that will help you understand how divine intelligence can come through us, and how we can play with it to create in our life. This is what I’m passionate about – creation! Creating from nothing. Creating from the unknown. Because if we keep creating from our heads, we aren’t going to create anything new.

Have you ever had a challenge, or an issue that you really wanted to figure out? And, you kept thinking about it, and thinking about it. Maybe you even brainstormed about it with other people trying to find a solution. Despite your best efforts, nothing new came to the surface. You might have even dug yourself deeper into the hole of confusion. This is because when we keep looking in the direction of the same thought pattern, the same energy that created the problem, we aren’t going to find the solution.

Einstein said that “we can’t solve a problem using the same kind of thinking we used when we created it.” Einstein was an intuitive genius, by the way. He often spoke about the power and importance of intuition. Ideally, our analytical mind, the engineering mind, the calculating mind, should be at the service of our intuition. But in our society we have made the analytical mind king, at the expense of our intuition.

So back to the exercise of dropping your attention away from the mind. This to help you sense the difference between your thinking, and the relief you could feel by stepping back, letting go, and giving yourself more space to tap into the infinite, or inner knowing.The topic of this call was all about your Inner Genius and unleashing this inner, creative potential that you have within yourself. That part of you that is connected to divine intelligence, to Mind – which is the third principle. Divine intelligence is always present, you are always connected to it. You can recognize it as intuition, lighting bolts of inspiration, genius ideas, a fresh new perspective, or insight. And the only thing separating you from this divine intelligence is your thinking – the noise in your head makes it difficult to hear divine intelligence.

I’d like to invite you to imagine going within yourself. Go to that place that you intuitively know is where you can best tap into your own Inner Genius. Breathe into this space and see how it feels. What qualities are coming forth for you? (If you notice resistance coming up in thoughts like; “this is not working. I don’t know what she’s talking about. I don’t have an Inner Genius,” know that this is NOT your Inner Genius. Know that this is just your thinking trying to screw things up. Recognize it, say thank you, and come back to the present moment.)

So tap into this divine intelligence within yourself, and see what it feels like. Keep going deeper and deeper until you get to the core qualities or essence of this space. Qualities like love, gratitude, lightness of being, innate well-being, compassion, expansiveness. Maybe it’s one feeling, maybe it’s several. You don’t need to name them, just let it be expressed. You might see a word, feel a feeling, hear something, or maybe you just know it. All of this is ok. Just allow this beautiful quality, this light from within, this deep inner knowing to shine even more brightly.

Breathe deeply and pay attention to your posture. Are you sitting a little taller, feeling more grounded? Take a moment to breathe this in. When you are ready, you can open your eyes.

It can be as simple as this to connect to your inner knowing. It only takes a few moments. From this space you can also access deep listening.

When we have less on our mind, we are open to hearing something new. What if, in your everyday life, you were to show up in this energy of the Inner Genius? You don’t have so much on your mind. You have less noise, and more quiet. Because of this, you can listen more deeply. And from this space you can really hear what life wants to tell you. You can really hear what others are saying. Not just their words, but you can pick up on the energy behind it.

Everybody is intuitive. Everybody is psychic. It’s not a special gift that only some are born with. The only difference is the noise in your head. Imagine you can show up in life embodying this beautiful, grounded, present energy. How would that feel?

Now, picture one specific thing that you want to create in your life right now. It could be something you want to create in your daily life, your career, or your business. It could be more money, attracting clients, starting a special project, or getting in shape. Create a clear picture of this and see how it feels. Now imagine that your Inner Genius is the force that will guide the creation of this project, or thing that you want.

So let’s ask your Inner Genius, what is the next step for you in this creation? What would it say? What do you see? What are you feeling or hearing? Be open to the first thing that pops into your mind. Don’t overthink it. Don’t question it. Be playful and accept what comes. Even if it seems strange. Whatever you get, however you get it, let’s just play with it. Pay attention to your answers, and then pay attention to how it feels.

But here’s the trick. I know that some of you have learned that in order to create something in your life, it has to feel good. There are a lot of teachers that talk about creating from a place of desire and positive feelings. I’m going to bring a new spin to this. How you feel is absolutely irrelevant to how you create. Because your thoughts are creating your feelings, feelings are the last thing you want to orient your compass towards. BUT how you feel is still an indication about what you are about to manifest. You can get a lot of information from how you feel. If you feel excited – good! Keep going. If you feel nervous or scared – then we have to go deeper. You have to ask yourself if you are going to stop moving forward and taking risks because of fear? If your thinking creates your feelings of fear, then you can understand that these are just thoughts, and you can choose to snap out of it. To choose not to believe what your head is saying, and go back to your Inner Genius for guidance. Intuitive guidance will feel clear, pure and neutral. That is what you need to orient your compass towards. Not on the ever shifting landscape of emotions.

Sometimes just being aware of your thinking can empower you to create a clearer state of mind. With a clear state of mind, your Inner Genius can give you clear guidance. Everything feels easier in this state. With greater clarity comes greater momentum.

So back to the question you were asking your Inner Genius: What is the next logical step? What do I need to know about this creative project? What is the path I should take? Take a moment, breathe and see if you can get more information. When you are ready you can stretch your body, and open your eyes. Take some notes about this experience – especially if you got a lot of information.

And now I’d like to hear from you. What did you hear?


Krista: Thank you for your call. I found it really relaxing. A nice break to my day. My question is, what would you tell someone who has a lot of challenges in their life and a lot of mental exhaustion? What advice would you give to someone who might be blocked in that regard? How do you get them to tap into their Inner Genius if there is a lot of clutter in their head?

Caroline: Well, the first thing I’d want to talk about it is helping them understand the nature of Thought, as we discussed earlier. It’s very difficult to hear inner guidance from a place of mental exhaustion. (Although, it is possible, because insight can come at any time.) The most important thing is that if they have mental exhaustion, it’s probably because they are thinking the same thing over and over again. They’re repeating stories over and over again. It’s exhausting to hold the same thoughts. It’s as simple as that. For example, sometimes, when you wake from a nap, you feel refreshed, and that’s because the mind has gotten a break from thinking. Thought is very powerful.

Consciousness makes us believe it is real. Whatever you think, you’re always going to be right. You’ll look for proof that supports your viewpoint. But the truth is, one insight into the understanding of how life is really created, and how thinking really works can bring relief pretty quickly. Thought applies to everything and thought creates feelings. I’ll share and example. Last spring, I created a schedule for myself that was very overwhelming. It made me stressed and anxious and I felt overwhelmed.

So, I had this conversation with one of my coaches, who also teaches the Three Principles, and he somehow managed to show me that my thinking was creating all of my stress and overwhelm. I didn’t see it right away. I hung up, and felt some relief, but I also felt a little bit of sadness. Sadness because I hadn’t been taking care of myself, and had gotten too caught up in moving forward with my life and in my business. I had suppressed my innate well being. It was buried underneath my thinking. Because I stayed in the conversation, and kept wanting to understand exactly what my coach was saying about human nature, I had a flash of insight. I can’t explain it. It just happened. And my overwhelm disappeared. In fact, I’ve been living anxiety-free and stress-free 99% of the time, ever since. This was a big deal for me. My schedule is just as busy, but it doesn’t impact me the same way.

So getting back to your friend and their mental exhaustion, they too could have a moment of insight and realize that their thinking is creating their feelings. With just that simple realization, relief could be immediate. And the thing about insight that I love, is once you have it, you’ll never lose it.

For instance, if I give you a shortcut to get to work, you’ll naturally take that shortcut next time without thinking about it too much. It just happens. Innate well-being is always there. Your friend can access it, as soon as she lets go of believing in her thinking so much.

In one moment, the buoy of well being can pop back up to the surface.

Krista: What really stood out was the idea of just letting go. Not believing that what you think is necessarily reality. I love the breathing exercise, but I wonder if there is another way of getting rid of the clutter. This is a client that I’m working with and I’m trying to help her.

Caroline: If breathing doesn’t work, there are other things that can help: meditation, reading a book, taking a nap, going swimming. But these ways are not a 100%. Once you look in the direction of the Three Principles it becomes 100% because there are no exceptions. Clients may or may not abide by the techniques that you give them, but an insight will always work. For example, I have a friend who told me that whenever she gets into crazy thinking, she picks up a book. I asked her if this was 100% successful and she admitted that it wasn’t. Sometimes she found herself reading the same paragraph over and over again. Meditation can be the same way.

If we can see how humans create and how we all live in the feeling of our thinking, then tapping into the Inner Genius is easier.

Krista: My client has been getting a lot out of our coaching together, but I notice that similar patterns are popping up, and so I’m looking for new strategies to help her.

Caroline: What I’ve noticed is that real transformation can only come from within – from having an “aha” moment.

And this comes from insight or inner wisdom. A lot of the coaching strategies that we learn are based in repetition and techniques, but that just creates more thinking. That’s why it’s not a 100%. It still might work, though.

My invitation to you is the next time you work with your client, be really present, and see if you can be clear of mind. See what occurs to you in the present moment. Really listen, and you’ll find that something profound will occur to you in your work with her. As a coach you can only do so much. However, saying the right thing at the right moment and being guided by your inner wisdom could have a great impact on your client.

Krista: That’s perfect, and very helpful. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Caroline: My pleasure.


Ilia: Hi Caroline. Thanks so much for the call. I’m really enjoying it so far. It all made sense. I totally understand this language and I work every day to apply it to the mental chatter.

But I have one question that keeps playing over and over in my head. I have these doubts about if I’m on the right track. Am I doing the right thing in life? Everything seems to be pointing in the right direction, but financially, I’d like it to be more abundant. There are times in the year that are good financially, and yet, during the times that are not so great, these doubts creep in.

I wonder if I’m really doing the right thing.

Caroline: Tell me a little bit more about these doubts so we can tap into it little more.

Ilia: There are moments when I would like my business to be running smoother, to have more clients, and have better flow in my business. It’s not coming as easy, and in those moments, my doubts start screaming at me. Doubts that say: “You don’t know what you are doing.” “Get a real job.”

Caroline: (Laughs) Yes, I know that voice. It’s very opinionated. There are two things I’d like to say about this. The first is to go back to the deeper understanding that our feelings are created by our thinking. When we get into the loop of doubtful thinking we are feeling the results, and it can become a downward spiral. As a result, the voice gets louder and louder and it’s not long before it tells us to get “a real job.” This is normal. The other thing is that, as human beings, we’re always going to have thinking. Some good, some bad – but it’s always there.

It’s impossible to control your thoughts. I know in the law of attraction they are trying to get people to control their thinking, but it doesn’t work. It can only work for so long because you don’t always know what thought might come next. The problem is not the thoughts, the problem is more the belief of the thought, that then leads to doubt and the screaming internal voice of fear.

Finally, we know that this voice is not the voice of divine intelligence. Trust your path and your inner wisdom. We often tend to beat ourselves up about our own thinking. Especially those of us in the holistic or healing profession, because we think we should know better.

But take a moment to breathe and see where you are headed. Step back into trust and allow the mystery to unfold. You don’t know how things can change. From a clearer state of mind, and a place that is aligned with your inner guidance, we can make better decisions.

From a place of doubt and fear we don’t make good decisions.

Ilia: Yes, that makes sense. No matter what has happened, I have continued on my path. Occasionally, though, I loose confidence and loose trust, so I make decisions that are based on the fear. In hindsight, I can look back and see that pattern in my business.

Caroline: Everybody goes through challenges in their business. I know I certainly did. Getting stuck in that thinking is not going to help, though. Relief can come quickly when you realize that YOU are creating this thinking and feeling. You don’t have clarity of mind from this place, but it doesn’t mean that your internal warning system isn’t working. It might be that your internal warning system is telling you that you should look at the issue from another angle. So I want to bring that into the conversation also. Going against the current can drain your energy.

Willpower and effort and strength are not necessarily aligned with the flow. Let go and go with the flow. This can be a challenge, but you are called to do it. In fact, I know you can do it. You asked the question because you are ready to bring it to the light.

Ilia: Thank you. That was perfect.


Ok. Thank you all so much for joining the call. It’s been wonderful!


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