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This Playshop is ideal for:

Coaches, consultants & service based entrepreneurs who want clients… FAST.

Calling In Your Clients

In this playshop you’ll:

  • Be guided through a powerful intuitive process so you can understand the energetics behind creating clients;
  • SEE your future clients, WHAT they’re up to, WHY they need your help and HOW you can communicate your services & offerings in a way that they’ll want to buy from you;
  • Learn intuitive strategies that can be used for different areas of business building like gathering information to create a new product or service and gaining clarity on the next steps you need to take to grow your business;
  • Leave the playshop with clear action steps to create those yummy clients;
  • Implement what you’ll learn right away, so bring pen + paper;
  • This intuitive playshop runs 1.11.45 minutes and you get a downloadable MP3 format 
  • BONUS: you’ll also get 2 bonus guided visualizations “The Diamond Heart of Abundance” (15 minutes 26 seconds) and “Connecting Heart To Heart With A Client” (6 minutes 15 seconds)

This Playshop is ideal for:

Entrepreneurs, coaches & creatives who need clarity on how they’ll reach their bigger goals and achieve their wildest dreams.

Creating A Magnetic Vision

In this 90 minute playshop you’ll:

  • Create a magnetic vision for your life & business by tapping into the wisdom of your all-knowing inner Goddess
  • Deepen your connection to your inner guidance so you can set goals and intentions that ensures your success
  • Leave the playshop feeling clear on which actions you need to take to manifest your wildest dreams
  • Implement what you’ll learn right away so bring pen + paper or a beautiful journal to take notes
  • This playshop is 1 hour 25 minutes and 22 seconds and is available in a downloadable MP3 format and you’ll also get a secret link to view the video version
  • BONUS: You’ll also receive “The Temple of Creation: The Goal Revealed” (12 minutes 15 seconds) guided visualization from my 8 week online program The Infinite Possibilities Adventure Mastermind

This Playshop is ideal for:

Coaches, consultants & service based entrepreneurs who want to master the art of business building and feel 100% confident that they have what it takes to succeed.

Awakening Your Inner CEO

In this 90 minute playshop you’ll:

  • Be guided through a powerful intuitive process where you’ll AWAKEN the glorious power of your inner CEO to confidently create boundless opportunities in your business & life
  • Deepen your connection to your inner guidance and invite her wisdom to play in ALL areas of business creation
  • Learn how to develop your business intuition for maximum impact, profits & success (this can save you a HUGE amount of time and help get you out of a rut quickly and effectively)
  • Clarify which projects you need to focus on to create the biggest leaps & results in your business
  • Leave the playshop feeling CONFIDENT, clear and grounded in your inner power
  • Implement what you’ll learn right away so bring pen + paper or a beautiful journal to take notes
  • This playshop is 1 hour 13 minutes and 27 seconds and is available in a downloadable MP3 format
  • BONUS: you’ll also get a bonus guided visualization called “The Diamond Heart of Abundance” (15 minutes and 26 seconds)

This bundle is ideal for:

Coaches, consultants and creative entrepreneurs  who want to make 2016 their most abundant year EVER.

The Magnetizing Abundance Bundle

The Magnetizing Abundance Bundle contains 6 beautiful guided visualizations, 1 PDF, 1 bonus track to help you sharpen your intuition + 1 bonus live recorded playshop, all designed to help you become magnetic to money and a master at creating opportunities that will skyrocket your revenue and open the floodgates of abundance.

The guided visualizations are recorded on beautiful mediation music that will transport you into the rich and colourful world of intuition and help you open up to the wisdom of your inner wealth Goddess.

The exercises in the guided visualizations will help you:

  • gain clarity on how you can create more money in your business RIGHT NOW
  • train you to see opportunities that are right in front of you
  • feel confident in your abilities to create the financial freedom you desire
  • create momentum in your business, projects or career
  • take consistent inspired action to achieve your beautiful money goals
  • trust your inner wisdom and take bold actions in your everyday life

The Magnetizing Abundance Bundle contains:

  1. The Diamond Heart of Abundance Guided Visualization (15 minutes 28 seconds)
  2. Radiating Abundance To Create A Magical Space Guided Visualization (9 minutes 37 seconds)
  3. The Tree Of Abundance Guided Visualization (17 minutes 59 seconds)
  4. Morning Meditation For Clarity & Abundance Guided Visualization (5 minutes 29 seconds)
  5. Transmuting Money Beliefs Into Crystalline Light Guided Visualization (9 minutes 30 seconds)
  6. Your Garden of Prosperity Guided Visualization (18 minutes 30 seconds)
  7. A PDF with instructions on how to best prepare and get the most out of the guided visualizations

BONUS TRACK: Knowing Inner Knowing: The Difference Between Intuition & Fear (9 minutes 26 seconds)

BONUS LIVE RECORDED PLAYSHOP: The Summer of Abundance: How To Unleash Your Full Potential To Create The Money You Want (1 hour 25 minutes 22 seconds)

This 6 week course is ideal for:

Coaches, consultants and creative entrepreneurs who want to learn spiritual & practical principles to become conscious wealth creators.

The Summer of Abundance: A Six Week Money Challenge

In this 6-week money challenge you’re going to go wild and have FUN creating clients and money in a way like you’ve never done before.

Money is an act of creation, my darling. And money, you’re going to create during this 6-week challenge. 

In these 6 live call recordings you’ll learn:

✔ What the Three Principles are and why understanding them can “unlock achievements” in the game of life. (Because otherwise, you’re playing the game of life without even knowing the rules. And that sucks.)

✔ How to awaken your inner wealth Goddess so you can make more money in your business – while having more fun than you ever thought possible doing it

✔ How to quickly and easily bust your money blocks + bypass the limitations of your mind – and create more abundance than you ever thought possible, even in your wildest imagination

✔ How to create money, opportunities and results in your business & life – by tapping into your divine creative flow. (Yes, there is such a thing, missy—and YOU are more than capable of accessing it.)

You’ll gain extra clarity on:

  • What you need to do (or stop doing) to create more abundance in your life & biz RIGHT NOW
  • How you can reach your next level of profitability
  • How you can create more prosperous opportunities + more revenue streams
  • How to connect with your Inner Wealth Goddess and follow her lead (instead of your fearful thinking that’s keeping your stuck)
  • How you can take your work out into the world and make money sooner rather than later

The Summer of Abundance includes:

  • Week 1 – Awakening Your Inner Wealth Goddess (56.01)
  • Week 2 – The Biggest Influencing Factor of Success (1.25.19)
  • Week 3 – The Key to Achieving Your Money Goal (1.31.18)
  • Week 4 – Tuning Into Divine Creative Flow  (1.33.22)
  • Week 5 – Deepening Your Connection To Your Inner Guidance  (1.19.49)
  • Week 6 – Becoming Magnetic To Abundance (1.30.10)

The calls include topic explorations, group coaching conversations and specifically designed guided visualizations to help you integrate what you learn.

BONUS 1: Introductory call to help you set your money goal (56.19)

BONUS 2: you also get the bonus guided visualization Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle

From Broke To Blissfully Booked

A 12 week online program for coaches, consultants, writers and creative entrepreneurs who want to create a thriving business and be BLISSFULLY booked!

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