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I’m currently taking applications for my 6 and 12-month one-on-one coaching & consulting program. To learn more about Launch & Prosper START UP click here and for Launch & Prosper THE NEXT LEVEL click here.

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I believe that it’s time for women to claim their seat at the table of entrepreneurial success.

I believe that the more financially successful we become — doing work that’s rewarding and impactful —  the more we’ll model what’s possible for women as a collective and the world.

Hi, I’m Caroline and in the last 5 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women, helping them launch brand new businesses, books, online courses, beautiful websites, podcasts and their own trademarked processes.

I’ve helped consultants transition from an in-person (hourly rate) model to a freedom-based (online) business — and drastically increase their revenue in the process.

I’ve helped clients transition from unfulfilling corporate jobs and start their own blossoming businesses.

I’ve coached stay-at-home moms with no prior business experience and supported them on their new journey as entrepreneurs when their closest friends and family members didn’t believe in them. (These same family members and friends are now are telling them, “Oh, I always believed you could do it!” and are working under their employ. #theirony)

I’ve helped coaches wake up their inner CEO™ and become unstoppable entrepreneurs with thriving coaching practices.

In the process, my clients have…

♛ Learned to market and sell in a way that feels authentic, creative and fun
♛ Increased their visibility + impact within their community
♛ Become sought-out leaders in their industry
♛ Let go of fears that had previously held them back
♛ Transformed into creative powerhouses where ideas abound and are quickly turned into profitable ventures
♛ Created nurturing & fruitful partnerships enabling them to leverage their time, expertise and efforts
♛ Said yes to opportunities that have opened unexpected doors

All without the usual stress, burnout, anxiety and overwhelm we usually associate with starting a new business venture.

I’m passionate about and dedicated to my vision of helping women around the world become immensely prosperous and wildly successful.

So, this coming January, I’m inviting a select group of dedicated entrepreneurs to join me in a first-run, live class format where they’ll learn (and implement) a creative, intuitive and effective launching process that yields profits and stimulates business growth.

This unique, live group coaching experience part fresh content, part launch strategy and part transformative coaching is called Launch & Prosper, and, for the first time ever, it’ll be offered in a live group setting.


A 3-month small group coaching program that takes impact-driven entrepreneurs through a simple and elegant launching process that yields profits and stimulates business growth.

Why Launch & Prosper, and why now…

After 5 years as an online business consultant and coach working with entrepreneurs from around the world, I see the same mistakes being made again and again:

They press “publish” on a new website, hoping that clients will magically find them…but they don’t. (Build it and they will come? Not really.)

They devote time and energy to getting a coaching certification — they’re passionate about their work and create transformation in their clients lives — but just can’t seem to get out of the feast and famine cycle. (The actual business-building training was not part of your certification, now, was it?)

They invest in some of the best online training but somehow can’t seem to put all the pieces together into a cohesive whole, so their branding is confusing — and, when you confuse your potential clients, they don’t buy.


They have this phenomenal, potentially life-changing service/product/program/course/book, but putting it out into the world feels a little scary. Marketing feels yuckie and selling even yuckier. So no one hears about (or buys) said life-changing product. Slowly the doubts and fears creep in, and what looked like a phenomenal idea suddenly…doesn’t.  Momentum stops, and the project never gets launched.


They pour their heart and soul and time and money into writing a book, designing a product/program/course only to launch it to…CRICKETS.

It happens all the time.

We live in a fast-paced world where attention span is short. Your potential clients are bombarded with information left and right. Social media feels “noisy” with people pitching constantly, competition is fierce (every second, a new coach is hanging up a shingle), and there are millions of options on the world wide web including millions of websites offering the same thing you are…

So how do you stand out from the crowd and attract the attention you deserve?

Whether you’re building a coaching or consulting practice, creating a new digital course, writing a bestselling book, starting a brand new venture or wanting to pivot your business in a fresh new direction, one of the most effective tools I know to create momentum
is the process of launching.

Now, many people know about launching: the process through which you introduce a new “thing” into the world.
But here’s the thing: most people miss out on the opportunity to create real MOMENTUM & VISIBILITY during their launch, so the whole thing falls flat. (And sales aren’t what they’d hoped for.)

Launching your new business, website, product, program, book, workshop and/or retreat is your opportunity

And it should have the same feel as throwing THE BIGGEST, BADDEST, FUNNEST CELEBRATORY PARTY.

During your launch (and most importantly the pre-launch) is when you get to make some noise. It’s your chance to STAND OUT from the crowd and ATTRACT the attention of your ideal clients.

And the best part is?

You don’t have to be a marketing expert or a techie or have a big team to have a great launch. Launching can be simple, effective and stress-free.

Implementing simple yet effective strategies during your launch gives you one undeniable advantage: It trains you to be proactive, creative and highly engaged in the growth of your business.

No more wasting time on social media without a strategy. No more waiting for clients to find you as you file your gorgeous toenails or revamp — yet again — your website or blog. No more staring at your screen wondering what you should be working on or why no one is signing up to your email list or buying your products. No more spinning your wheels, running around in circles or procrastinating.

And no more sitting on the sidelines waiting for your potential clients to make the first move.

Launch & Prosper is an invitation to get in the game and become the leader, the CEO your business needs you to be. To let go of whatever is holding you back and to step in the space new possibilities.

Feeling scared AND excited? Join the club. We’re quite a few over here, and we’re having wine. Join us.

Worried you’ll fail? Get ready to fail. And get ready to get back up again. I’ll help you dust yourself off, and, together, we’ll laugh hysterically at your epic failures. We’ll celebrate them and have wine. (Again.) Maybe even champagne, because truly epic failures deserve champagne.

Maybe you’re afraid of being visible — the idea of putting yourself out there for criticism is just too much. If you are, you’re making the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF ALL: You’re making it about you. And guess what — it’s not about you. It’s about your clients, the people who need your services, your art, your passion, your beautiful gifts wrapped up in a bow and, most of all, YOUR LEADERSHIP.

Maybe you’re afraid you’ll annoy people if you shine your light too bright. What will they THINK? What will they SAY? Yep, some people will get annoyed; that’s a fact. But guess what: your RIGHT people are WAITING to hear from you, and hiding out won’t help them.

As a coach who’s worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, one thing I can tell you is this:

When you’re on the edge of taking a leap and stepping up your game, your li’l ego mind is going to do EVERYTHING IT CAN to stop you, and it’ll do it by creating a shit storm in your head.

Because this is a crucial phase almost all entrepreneurs face when they step up their game, I’ve designed Launch & Prosper to support you in 2 essential ways:

#1 To help you see and move past your thought-created limitations and, instead, move into the space of possibilities


#2 To teach you the most effective strategies so you can achieve your specific launch goals.

Here’s why I designed this one-of-a-kind coaching experience in this way:

First, as an entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience with businesses both off- and online, I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the incredible impact of launching as a tool for growth.

But ultimately, no strategies, trainings or new learning will ever be effective or yield the results you want unless they are laid on top of one essential foundational piece: the entrepreneurial spirit, a.k.a. the inner CEO™.

In the past 10+ years, I’ve been researching the human intuitive process and the power of the mind as it applies specifically to business building & entrepreneurship, immersing myself as a research participant in 40+ well-known business courses, conducting experimentation with my own businesses (and with hundreds of clients) and investing over $100,000 to date in my quest to help business owners develop a deep inner security, confidence and strength that transforms the way they do business forever.

My mission?

To uncover the hidden power that enables entrepreneurs to create boundless success.

And what I found is this:

The one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common is the capacity to tap into their intuitive flow, to take consistent inspired action, and to never — ever — let fear get in their way.

Caroline has exceptional capacity to listen and to provide a powerful space for transformation. — Dr. Nancy Wallis, Professor, Organizational Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

So who is this program ideal for?

A coach, teacher, practitioner, writer, stylist, web designer, photographer, stay-at-home mom-preneur or a creative Soul with a strong desire to impact the lives of your clients and make the world a better place while making great money doing what you love

You have a product/program/book/project/service ready to go and you need help selling/marketing/launching

You get inspired being around a group of fun, likeminded, impact-driven and creative go-getters

You have strong experience in your field and plenty of client work under your belt

You’re an expert/leader/visionary with a unique message and a clear intention to bring your work out into the world in a bigger/better way in 2018

You have a clear target/income/revenue/sales/goal that you want to reach in the coming year through this beautiful thing that you want to launch

You have a sense that you’ll do better — be more consistent, be more focused, be more accountable and feel more inspired —  if you have ongoing strategic and coaching support


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Being part of mastermind was a fantastic experience. I feel somehow humbled and more open to receive support rather than wanting to take care of everything myself. — Karolina Gladych, Transformative Coach & Retreat Leader

The coaching gave me so much clarity and focus on the online business that I’m launching. — Laura Brandes, Life Coach

With her guidance, I was able to set strong foundations for my coaching business, create one-on-one clients right away and move towards my dream confidently. —Veronique Stevens, Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

Caroline created an amazing fun, fast paced space to learn in, from which I got really clear about my personal brand. — Kate Adey, Leadership and Transformation Coach

Working with Caroline is the best thing I’ve ever done for my personal growth and for my business! — Brigitte Corbeil, Author & Creator of Soul Styling™

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