Join Me In Los Angeles For A Full Day Of Business Acceleration

I’m going to be back in sunny California this September to wrap up another beautiful year of Principles training (The three Principles) and celebrate my (2nd) Supercoach graduation. #SupercoachCelebration

There will be gastronomic dinners, jogs on the beach, celebrations with friends AND…

I’m also blocking 4 days to work with clients, live, in person.

The format?

A full-day intensive where shit gets done (think a full 6 months of creative direction for your business or project) and insights pop up like organic popcorn (sprinkled with white cheddar and served with a chilled glass of Laurent Perrier Rosé).

So I’m waving at you, my lovely, ambitious and talented entrepreneur, coach or creative genius, and inviting you to join me in a luxurious business 1x1 coaching intensive.

Here’s a glimpse of what our day will look like...

We’ll meet in a chic yet cozy venue (most likely in in Santa Monica) and start the morning with a 3-hour deep-dive sesh.

As we sip fresh organic coffee (or tea) and munch on some delicious snacks, we’ll clarify your bigger vision for yourself, your business or a specific project you’d like to birth into the world. This vision gives us important clues as to what you’ll really want to be focusing your time and energy on. #helloefficiency

I’ll show you how to tap into your inner CEO™ (a.k.a. your inner wisdom) so that the vision revealed is 100% in alignment with your great work and your life purpose, which will make executing your idea soooo much easier.  

You’ll learn about The Three Principles and how they impact business building, how to tune into the flow of life (also called Universal Mind) to choose the right goals for you (not what “experts” say you should do) and allow this creative force to inspire each action you take. Call this “conscious creation” or “tapping into emerging futures.” It’s pretty powerful, and it allows you to create programs, offers, and products that people actually want to buy. #timesaving

We’ll break for a delicious, energizing lunch where you’ll have insights on how to unleash your pure creative genius to have more fun in your business AND create better results.

Then, for our last 2 hours together, we’ll design a (flexible) strategic plan that’ll enable you to stay focused your beautiful goals, give you a strong sense of direction and elegantly guide you towards your beautiful vision. #momentum

We’ll wrap up with a glass of bubbly, hugs, and more laughter, and you’ll be on your way feeling inspired, crystal clear and confident.

Your next few days will be dedicated to taking massive inspired action and implementing what you learned during our time together.

Taking action will be KEY to your success.

I’ll be available to answer any questions you have by email until we  meet again the following month for a 1-hour wrap-up session.

The details of this one-day intensive are laid out on this page.

Available dates for Los Angeles are September 4th, 5th, 6th or 12th.

The cost is $2500USD, and you can book it here or send an email to allo(at)caroliefrenette(dot)com to request a Skype conversation to learn more about this coaching opportunity.

See you in LA,

PS: Can’t make it to LA? Book a virtual intensive.


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