When I started my coaching business I took courses upon courses (upon courses) to learn how to build a successful online business.

Even though I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 10 years (with a bustling retail & online store, a yoga studio + my own yoga wear line), I still needed to learn hot to run an online biz.

I learned about:

  • marketing(in a way that feels authentic and good to me & my clients)
  • building my list (so that it grows exponentially every year)
  • blogging (so that I can share my expertise with my peeps)
  • copywriting (an important skill when you have a website & communicate via email)
  • what my website needs (so that it makes money while I sleep )
  • how to create offers & services that sell (so that I get to impact my clients lives and impact the world positively)
  • how to communicate effectively with my audience (so that I have a clear message that’s in alignment with my brand)
  • branding (designing the look + feel of my brand so that it shines the light of my inner Goddess)
  • my ideal client avatar (so that I can work -and only work- with my dream clients)
  • SEO or search engine optimization (so that google can find my blog posts)
  • how to legally protect my business

If you want a successful online (or offline) business you’re going to have to learn some of the basics of business as well.


All this knowledge (and the implementation of it) will not create a successful business if you’re missing this one key ingredient:

Your inner prosperity.

Without your inner prosperity everything you invest in, build, strive for will never bring the abundant financial returns you’re hoping for.

If you build, run or grow your business from a place of fear, lack, not enoughness, not-good-enoughness, poverty consciousness or desperation, you’ll never create an abundant & thriving business.

Whether you’re just starting out a new venture or have been in business for a while, you’ll have to face your money fears, limiting beliefs and lack mentality and create your inner prosperity ecology if you want to move into a flow of delicious abundance & build a rich business.

Hey, if you’re running business you need to show some profit at the end of the day, right?

Because that vacation of yours? That dream house you so desire? That freedom that you seek? All rightfully yours.

Which is why I want you to know about the concept of inner prosperity ecology and how you can create it.

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There is no way to prosperity, prosperity is the way. -Wayne Dyer

Your inner prosperity ecology is the fertile garden into which you’ll plant your seeds of creations such as:

  • your creative projects that bring you (and the world) so much joy
  • your value-based services that create a waiting list of ideal clients
  • your irresistible offerings that we can’t get enough of
  • your exquisite products that sell out
  • your genius ideas that’ll bloom into magnificent creations
  • your successful career
  • your New york Time’s best selling book
  • your sold out workshops
  • your much in demand Ted Talks
  • your exotic Master Mind retreats
  • your flourishing partnerships
  • your loving & fulfilling relationships

Without your inner prosperity ecology your creations can’t grow into luxuriant fruitful creations.

At The Intuitive Leadership Academy we dedicate several sessions to the exploration of your inner prosperity ecology so that the genius ideas you want to see manifest in the world are planted in the fertile ground of infinite abundance & possibility.

Here are a few ways you can start exploring & creating your inner prosperity ecology:

Examine your dominant thoughts about making money

Pay attention during the day as to what your thoughts are about money. Do you dominantly think: “there just aren’t enough clients to go around” or “making money in a start up biz is hard” or “I’m always struggling to make money” or “I’m still in debt and I just don’t see the end of the tunnel” or “I don’t have money to invest in this really great program” …

Each and everyone of those thoughts are seeds that you keep planting in your inner garden. They are weeds that suffocate your creations.

Cultivate your inner prosperity ecology by creating a daily prosperity practice

  • write in your gratitude journal (it’s so powerful and we forget to do this)
  • do a daily meditation (this will create space in your mind so that old thoughts can be let go and new abundant thoughts can come in)
  • spend more time in a feel good place rather than a contracted, anxious, fearful space (do what you need to do to get there whether it’s to exercise to get the stress out, play outside with your puppies or going out with your best girlfriend)
  • get financially smart (I love DailyWorth.com for their modern and fun approach to money)
  • spend time with your money (face your debts & get a clear plan, automate savings, get a financial advisor)
  • track your money (and track how that makes you feel. Hint: this will give you huge clues as to where you are on the vibration scale regarding money & it magnify your feelings & beliefs about creating money)
  • meet with your coach to break through glass ceilings, to shift your negative money beliefs, to restore your innate well-being, your ability to create infinite abundance and to restore your inner prosperity ecology.

What my clients say:

“The coaching gave me so much clarity and focus on the online business that I’m launching. Caroline definitely delivers! As a result of my sessions with Caroline I’m now crystal clear on who is my ideal customer AND I’m crystal clear on the language + copy, branding, marketing & structure of my business & website!

I was surprised (and so happy) to see how energized I was after each session, with my head so full of new ideas yet also clear on the next step! That’s definitely helping me to make huge progress in my business.

But something even deeper was revealed from the coaching… I had fears blocking me, and I was avoiding them, so they kept bothering me and taking my energy. It was really powerful to bring those fears into the light so that we could shift them once and for all. Now I feel relieved!

The entire experience with Caroline was amazing.

— Laura Brandes, Business Strategist for Start Ups thinkbrandes.com

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