If there’s one thing Jennifer and I love to talk about it’s entrepreneurship.

I’ve known Jennifer for over 7 years now and whenever we get together for coffee (or wine) our conversation always gravitate around personal growth, the inside-out understanding of the Three Principles and how it directly impacts the results we create in life and business.

In this video interview, we keep the conversation real as we talk about the challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a business.

Other key points in our conversation:

  • What are the Three Principles and why you need to know about them
  • Why understanding state of mind is crucial to an entrepreneur’s success 
  • How to strengthen your business intuition to stop the struggling and create better results
  • The difference between following your emotional heart and your inner wisdom (hint: it’s VERY different)
  • *39 minutes into the interview we do an intuitive exercise where you’ll learn how to easily connect to your inner CEO to create Soul goals

Jennifer is a true entrepreneur at heart and is dedicated to sharing with women entrepreneurs the resources they need to succeed. You can learn more about Injoy Business and Jen’s podcasts here: injoybusiness.co/podcast/

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