(VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION) How To Create Effortless Change

What if you didn’t need motivation to change?

What if you did not even need to force your thinking to go to a different direction in order to change?

What if what you needed was way simpler and effortless?

I have been exploring this with some of my clients and the mastermind groups that I am hosting. And often, I get the question: “How do I change a behavior?” or “How do I change a pattern of thought, a pattern of thinking, or even my habits that is going to impact my lifestyle?”

You’ll often hear things such as: “You have to have a better mindset! You need to think positively! Have a clear visualization and create it! Align all your thinking so that you manifest that vision!”

All of that CAN work, but it also may not work.

What works EVERY TIME, however, is when you have an insight; a fresh perspective into a situation that you specifically would like to change.

I am going to give you a very specific example as to how I’ve had an insight that completely changed my lifestyle and enabled me to reach a very specific goal.

A couple of years ago, in Spring 2014, I was in New York for Supercoach Academy. I was sitting with one of the Supercoaches who was sharing with me that she had lost a fair amount of weight (80 lbs).

I was fascinated by that and I asked her: “what happened?”

She shared with me a very personal insight that had something to do with emotional eating. (That is the beauty of insights; they are very personal to you.) She told me she started to do some research for diets and ended up going with Paleo. She has been maintaining this for a while and enabled her completely to shed a lot of the pounds and get into great shape.

Personally, I have been trying to lose 10 lbs for years (!!!) and I wanted to have an insight into food, that beautiful wine I love to drink and the fact that maybe I should be exercising more; I wanted to have insight about it so that I could have a shift into a new lifestyle.

The thing with insights is that when you want to have them, you usually DON’T get them. That is not how it works. BUT we can ALWAYS count on the fact that we are insightful human beings and when we are in conversations (The Three Principles conversation), insights will occur.

Personally, it took 2 YEARS to have an insight that enabled me to change things drastically in my diet and lifestyle.

Until one day in early December, I woke up one morning after having been really tired for three weeks; slightly sad and lagging behind. I was not really my best at all and not knowing what is going on; just going with the flow knowing deep down that that state of my mind was going to pass and I will get my energy back.

One morning in December, I woke up to a powerful vision of me having reached my goal.

It was as if I saw myself in the future and it was a done deal; I had lost the weight and I could see my body in TOP SHAPE. That vision was SO CLEAR that it held the key for change. It was in that vision the shift had happened. Just like that. That was pretty incredible.

Next thing that happened, I jumped into my car and got myself dumbbells, kettle bells, foam roller, and I became a member of a site that I love (ToneItUp.com) and got the nutrition plan.

I paid the money, I got the videos, and I felt the sudden surge of inspiration –beyond motivation- because ever since then, I kept it.

Motivation is not a sustainable force: there has to be this energy behind it and that energy comes from a shift of consciousness.

As a result, I’ve been exercising about twice a day (which is so different for me!) and so far I lost 8 lbs in two months (easily and effortlessly by the way) by making small changes. I’m reaching my goal, I’m getting fit more effortlessly than I ever thought possible; all thanks to this beautiful insight that I had.

Here’s what I would like for you to take away from this video:

  • Where you need to stop forcing or pushing yourself for motivation and instead, can you step away from this pattern of thinking that is really hard to sustain?
  • Can you drop into that divine flow or intelligence within you where insights can happen; where a fresh new thought or consciousness can suddenly change everything for you?
  • Can you be a little more conscious of how you create in your life? Are you creating from motivation, striving, or forcing and struggling? Or are you allowing yourself to drop into inner wisdom (the inner Goddess)? Allow that place within you to open so that you can have insights that will create this change for you.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the inside-out understanding and how it can drastically impact your life and biz, sign up for my free monthly live calls.

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